best nurseries to visit in/ around Portland, Salem area???

nitenut(z8 OR)June 20, 2006

I'll be making a trip to Portland soon and would like any suggestions. We will be coming from the south coast and love to find new ones to visit. Any suggestions greatly appreciated to feed the flower lover.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

See Also pick up a copy of THE PLANT LOCATOR - WESTERN REGION (Black-Eyed Susans/Timber).

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try Joy Creek in St. Helens

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If you're looking for shrubs and trees, there's one on I-5 between Salem and Wilsonville that I find has good prices and a large selection.

A small nursery I recently discovered is the Garden Corner, 21550 SW 105th Ave, Tualatin, OR (internet says the address is 108th, but I discovered otherwise). Beautiful grounds...........and they have the best selection of water fountains I've seen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden World

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Garden World has a ton of trees and shrubs at reasonable prices.

Al's Garden Center in either Woodburn (right off I5) or Sherwood (left on Tualatin Sherwood Rd from I5 and straight on to Roy Rogers Rd when you get to 99W) has a ton of stuff, beautiful displays. Has a lot of hardgoods and annuals. Less trees and shrubs.

Joy Creek Nursery has a nice display garden in Scappoose and Cistus on Sauvie Island does too. Both carry selections of plants they specialize in. They are about ten minutes apart.

Portland Nursery on Division or Stark both left off the I205 at those exits is like Al's a general garden center with a little bit of everything. They have more shrubs and perennials than Al's, nice displays, less hardgoods/giftsware. Division has a greenhouse full of houseplants and another with succulents/cacti.

Hughes Water Gardens in Tualatin is on Stafford Rd, take the Wilsonville Exit on I5 and go right follow the road past the town and around to the north past the school and just past the left turn lane for 65th turn left into Hughes parking lot.
Expansive ponds and display gardens for watergardeners. Tons of aquatic/bog plants at reasonable prices. Many fountains, water bowls, pond accessories. Most local garden centers carry their plants at marked up prices. If you have a pond or are interested in ponds, this is the place to visit.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Cistus and Joy Creek have a wide variety of perennials, but are higher priced. Portland Nursery sells many 4" pots for $2-3 and gallons from $6-8 but at the other nurseries 4" pots may be $6 and gallons $12+. They are also 30 miles off I-5. Some other nurseries are Willamette Falls and Tualatin River Nursery and Coffeehouse off 10th St. exit in West Linn, a few miles E of I-5 on I-205. Shonnard's in Corvallis is a few miles off I-5. Loen's in Sherwood is a few miles SW on 99w. And N of Portland in Vancouver is Shorty's Nursery, 179th St. exit, go N on 10th Ave. to 199th St. Further north is Bird's English Country Gardens off 269th St., and in Woodland, Tsugawa's. E of I-5 about 7 miles on 179th, R on 102nd Ave to 168??, and only open on weekends from 10-3pm, is Collector's Nursery, which not only has choice selections of perennials but also a lovely garden to view them in nicely landscaped.

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My mom and I have a little joke between the two of us, look and dream at Joy Creek, and buy the 2 or3 things you cant live with out, then finish up your shopping at "Means Nursery",which is just befor you turn off the highway to go up the hill to joy creek. :) I love all the ones mentioned, as well,if you want fuchsias you have to go to "Fesslers" out off Monitor Mckee rd past Al's from hwy 99. another one that is delightfull out there is "Fergusons Fragrant." If you go to Al's, try to get these 2 in, technicly I guess they are in St Paul. Fesslers has over 100 types of fuchsias at under 2$ each. they are friendly, kind and helpfull, I just cant say enough about this great little mom and pop place. they also have geraniums, and all sorts of other goodies, most are anuals, but many, like the fuchsias, are the type that most of us can keep going. you cant go wrong wiht any of these. It sounds like a wonderfull trip. By the way, if you mention fuchsias, people are going to send you to a place called Moniers, its real nice, its also a doller, (at least ) apiece more than Fesslers, and I dont think there are any folks cheerier and more plesant to deal with than Fesslers.

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Diane_Kirkland(Z8 Seattle)

I strongly recommend Cistus on Sauvie Island. The island itself is beautiful and the plant selection is as interesting as Heronswood's was. You can often get plants grown from seed selected by Sean Hogan and Parker Sanderson at higher elevations and cold hardier than those found at other nurseries. The staff is wonderful, the nursery beautiful and the plants strong and healthy. We drive down from Seattle with only Cistus as our destination.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cistus Nursery

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nitenut(z8 OR)

Thanks so much for all your suggestions. Yes, this will be a great trip. We did this last year and hit just a few...fragrant gardens was one of them. It was great. We also went to the antique rose gardens. We mostly window shop but can't help to pick up those eyecatchers here and there. We're limited to the size of the vehicle although have joked about renting a little u-haul for the way back:) The selection down here just isn't much. Mostly just the standard stuff you find at the stores with a few extras. We have a great climate, far enough away from the ocean to escape the fog but not bake like the valley, so are able to grow a wide range of things not usual for the area. Thanks again, can't wait to check some of these out.

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sarahmakes6(z8 OR)

In case you're looking for a few out of the way places, here are my favorites.

Dancing Oaks, outside Monmouth. It's off the beaten path but it's a lovely drive and a beautiful nursery.

Bauman Farms, south of Woodburn. If you visit Al's as mentioned above, Bauman Farms is just a quick jaunt down the road. It's small, family-owned and also a great visit.

If you're coming from the south you might consider stopping at Garland's in Corvallis. It's a bit of a local landmark.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Bauman Farms is a nice visit, they have a produce market and bakery too and cider press. Display garden and petting zoo.

The folks at Fesslers are really nice people. I used to buy poinsettias from them wholesale years ago. I didn't realize that they now sold retail or that they did. It has been years. They certainly deserve business and the Baumans are really nice too.

I buy a lot at Shorty's in Vancouver. Probably more than anywhere else. Their prices are excellent and no tax for Oregonians. They can be a buck or two or even three or four cheaper than Al's or Portland Nursery on identical plants from the same grower.

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If you could stop in Eugene you would really enjoy seeing Northwest Garden. They have a beautifully landscaped display garden. They don't have a huge variety of plants and they are definetly not cheap but everything they have is really interesting. Have a great trip...Tache

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I was just out to Farmington Gardens on the west side of town towards the end of Scholls Ferry. It was a pretty big nursery and enjoyable to wander around in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmington Gardens

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Where I have bought my plants:

I have focused on getting my plants at the best prices I could.
1). Native plants. Madronas, vine maples: Watershed Garden Works. (wholesale nursery, but will sell to retail customers)
2). Lilacs:
a).Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (during lilac festival)
b). Means Nursery (limited selection, but if they happen to have one you like they are cheap)
c). Tsugawa Nursery
d). Lowes (you can get some nice ones at half price on closeout around June or July.) Got a nice Natchez Crape Myrtle and Goldfinger Potentilla there on closeout also.
3). Azaleas:
a). Encore Azaleas are my favorite. Available at most local nurseries, but there are so many varieties they tend to only have a few. The last ones I got I bought by mail order from so I could choose exactly the one I wanted. They were reasonable at $20 each for 1 gallon (same as you can find them for locally) adding shipping bumped the price up to $25 each, which was still pretty reasonable considering I got to pick exactly the one I wanted.
4).Crape Myrtles: Al’s Garden Center. They carry a lot of them and some are at really good prices. Wasn’t able to find the Midnight Magic locally so I bought some by mail order from, but they were pricey- small ones for about $35 each. I see that offers some very inexpensive so I would go with them if I hadn’t already bought them. I plan to order a few Moonlight Magics from evergreennursery.
5). Parrotia Persica: Big ones at a low price at Tsugawa.
6). Trachycarpus Wagnerianus: (Temple Palm) Cistus Nursery (Portland Nursery also has them but they are more expensive)
7). Unusual camellias: Sometimes Cistus Nursery has some nice ones like Black Opal and Zigzag, the prices are good. I have gotten some nice Zigzags and a Donation Camellia by mail order from Gossler Farms.
8). Popular Camellias: Portland Nursery gets a ton of them in the fall, the 1 gallon Monrovias are affordable at $20. On the bigger ones you may find you can get a better price at a place like Tsugawa, although they won’t have as many varieties.
9). Indian Hawthorn: Got a Majestic Beauty at Farmington Gardens, only place I could find one. Portland Nursery and Al’s Garden Center carry some dwarf varieties from Monrovia in 1 gallon at an affordable $13 or so.

10). Magnolias: I wanted an inexpensive Butterflies Magnolia. Whitman Farms of Salem (primarily a mail order nursery) had on their plant catalog a 1 gallon for $25, but they were out. Portland Nursery had a 1 gallon on their pricelist for about $23 but they were also out.
11). Flowering Quince: Got some really tiny Scarlet Storms mail order from Hirt’s for about $12 each. Tsugawa has quite a few of a more regular size at a reasonable price.

12). Roses: Portland Nursery has a ton. Tsugawa has quite a few also. In general good sized roses are in the $20-25 range so it’s not necessarily worth shopping around that much, although I got a bare root Blue Girl at Lowes for something like $8.

These are the best sources I have found for shrubs and trees. If you are looking for annuals and perennials there are additional nurseries, for example Joy Creek, that would be worth trying.

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