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IsRadJune 20, 2011


So this spring and summer aren't exactly conducive to my direct seed planting. I'm brand new to this but none of my carrots or pumpkins are coming up at all. I planted the end of April and again middle of May. Any ideas? If I have to I'll germinate inside. Is this happening to anyone else?


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laurell(8 - Washington)

Most of my stuff is doing merely satisfactorily, and I went all out and made hoop houses for the first time this year. Sad showing, although we can probably look forward to a bountiful and long lasting crop of peas this year!

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Sowed both carrots & radishes 4/17 with germination & slow growth at first. Now carrot top growth is about 4". Radishes are towering over them at 8-10". Some good size radishes & others are mostly tops as they were shallowly rooted. I had hoped the mulching would help them.

Our cabbages, kale, lettuces, spinach, chives, & broccoli seem to be thriving as long as I keep up with slug control. Deer found the lettuces quite tasty the other night, but I've planted enough for all of us!

I am embarrassed to admit that all the warm season things are still in the greenhouse (tomatoes & peppers) or are still seeds in the packets (summer & winter squash & cucumbers). Soil had been covered with black plastic for weeks & uncovered on the weekend, so should be moist, warm, & ready to plant now at least for squashes.

With 47 degrees at night I'm holding back the peppers & tomatoes until it's warmer & thinking about rearranging things to keep most in large pots in the greenhouse instead.

I want vine ripened tomatoes & peppers, but know I can purchase them at the farmer's market instead if I must. It might be more realistic for me to focus on the things that grow well in cooler weather & enjoy my summer without having to water & babysit tomato plants with plastic surrounding them.

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My wife and I started a small garden down at my parents house in Salem. Everything but our tomatoes were seeds planted directly in the ground. Everything is growing well EXCEPT the carrots. A few sprouted early but only three are currently growing. Its been a tough spring but this recent spat of good weather seemed to help things establish fairly well.

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Carrots can be tricky, they need just the right combination of soil, planting depth, hand-watering, and weather to cooperate. We often have to replant. Our earlier-planted patch has 10" greens and is well filled-in.

Most other common vegetables have been easier and consistent from year-to-year.

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