Gardening on Vancouver Island

westcoastj(7A)June 28, 2009

Post your pics of your garden on the west coast, anywhere. Here are some somewhat recent shots of mine, in Nanaimo BC.

Here is a Zebrina mallow I did from seed. Happy with it so far.

Potatoes galore this year!!

Bellflower (I think), roses, and sweet peas

Bees and perrenial sage

Amaranthus & Coleus from SEED!! Did well...

Bed time! More to come soon.... Post yours!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You might think about adding a little nitrogen, some of your plants are on the pale side. Nitrogen is the nutrient most often deficient in local gardens.

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Nice pics. I always enjoy looking at other people's plants and gardens! Looks like your soil may be a bit on the snady side there? Or is it more of a glacial till?

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bboy: You must be referring to the last picture of the amaranthus. I thought it was lack of nitrogen too, but it has been receiving regular fertilization. Turns out, that is how that kind of amaranthus tends to appear after awhile...

pepperd: Thanks! And yes, the soil we got that was advertised "Garden soil" locally, turned out to me basically sand with ground up wood in it. I amended with compost at the beginning of the year, and as money allows I am now top dressing with fish compost (about 1-2 inches). I will add more compost this winter... maybe from my compost bin if its full enough! Here is an updated picture... more recent..

Visitor on my apple tree, not camera shy...

A mason bee was nesting under one of my seed trays... plastic is slotted on the bottom. I moved it this morning not knowing... and look! A mason bee nest, with mom sleeping inside... I thought she was dead, but I blew some air on her and she got up, walked around, and flew off.

Purple Broad Beans (from nelson BC, imported :), and broccoli from seed.

Lettuce in a pot! Used Sungro #4 mix, some granular slow release fert (8-20-20).

My Lilly's are looking good

My patio is no longer suitable for humans... I have 6 more pots also... Am now upsizing, note some have a 1/2 sticking up out of them? Got some 7 gallon pots, screwed in the 1/2 inside the pot to hold it. The supports are about 6 feet tall, should hold for the year..

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Nice pics!!! I too live in Nanaimo! Well, Cedar these days!lol! But a born and bred Nanaimoite!!! I have just put deer fencing around my whole 1/2 acre and am planting like a mad thing!!! (300+ plants)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

Thanks for sharing the pics Westcoastj. I love seeing other people's gardens. I'm quite worried about our lack of water this year -- our property is in a rain shadow and we have had very little all this year.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Another Nanaimoite here, it seems there are a few of us here from the Island. Here's a picture of part of my garden weeds and all taken last spring.
Dotty, I'm getting concerned about the water supply too, we've had an unusually dry winter and June, which is usually very wet has been the opposite. Is this the coming trend, I hope not.

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Well well well - we really are a little group here. :) I am in Ladysmith and have a PILE of Lavender plants.
When we moved into our new home, the old owner had a grouping of 17 plants in a small area. Since I was very unfamiliar with what these plants do, I split them up and they are all fending for themselves in different areas.

HOWEVER, I really don't know what to do with them. All the Lavender are either blooming or are just finished. Last year I trimmed them all back - but what to do with the blooms? Does anyone know where I can take the clippings? Surely someone can use then for something.

And the other thing is - once these plants get large - they seem to have a split area in the centre. Can I trim from the outside at the base of the plant - will it fill in the centre?

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Lavender in behind the poppies

Here is a link that might be useful:

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