how many rainy weekends have we had?

mrtulinJune 12, 2010

I've lost track. It seems like a lot.


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spedigrees z4VT

It's been two solid weeks of rain here since our last all sunny day. We've only managed to mow the lawns during short breaks in the rain clouds and were lucky not to get caught in a downpour. I think this will be another icky rainy summer like the last two summers.

The only bright side is not having to haul a watering can around to the gardens.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

We've been trying to stain the fence and waiting for the wood to dry out. When it finally did, I couldn't find the palm sander and now that I have that, it's raining

Hasn't been too much rain here yet. Cloudy weather but we've had some breaks with sunny parts of the day for the most part, except the last couple of days. Wasn't it a gorgeous weekend last weekend? And Memorial Day weekend, I thought we took a day trip and the sky was clear and the weather was gorgeous.

I'm always happy not to have to water but you really have to have enough of both, sun and rain.

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

Two in a row here, the last decent weekend day was Memorial Day. Not only am I not getting anything done, I create more work for myself because I go to garden centers and buy more plants. My back patio, porch and driveway look like I am about to have a sale.

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Our rain was pretty scarce here until recently. All those earlier rain storms missed us. Most of them went south of us, just like the snow this winter went south. Then when there were nice showers around us I'd wait for the rain which never came, so I'd check the radar and there was a nice big hole right on top of us as everybody else was getting good rain. Our grass was burned and brown and is just now turning green, but there's still some nice brown in there. I'd say we've had a dry spring with lots of sunshine.

Perhaps it's payback because you STOLE ALL OF OUR SNOW!!! I still don't see why you couldn't have shared a little of it. Maybe next winter you'll let us keep our snow and we'll let you have some sunshine? Deal?

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fgirl21(z6 - MA)


Don't look now but I think there is supposed to be sun this weekend!

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