Ilex Crenata 'Green Luster'-Where to Find?

hawksmoor(z8PNW)June 26, 2005

Anyone know where I can locate three of these plants locally? A landscaper used this particular Âholly for a short hedge in my friendÂs yard (instead of boxwood), and now that he needs to replace some that have died, cannot find any in his nearby nurseries. Wells-Medina said they would order them, but never did.

Or is there a website you trust that he could order from?

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Not in 'The Plant Locator', so it may be new and rare in this region. Maybe there is another you could substitute.

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It's 'Green Lustre' not "luster" ....LOL

We had some at Bainbridge Gardens for a while when I was working there. The tags on the plants said 'Luster' so it was a big joke for a while. They came from one of our local wholesale plant brokers.

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Luster also means shining. I think I've seen this plant too, but don't remember what it looked like, relative to the other cultivars.

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You might want to check your local Home Depot. My local HD in Beaverton is selling 1 gallon Ilex Green Lustre for $2.

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Thank You Nishamhran! You're going to laugh at me because I also got some at Home Depot last year and forgot that they were actually Ilex and not Boxwood. I will notify my friend ASAP.

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If they've spent any length of time at Hope Demote they should be offered as 'Lack Lustre'.

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