Lapin Cherries Failing to Produce

garrai81June 17, 2014

Last summer I bought a couple 10-foot Lapin cherries.

I hoped that this summer they would produce a lot of cherries, but they are producing no more than 10 cherries each.

The nursery that raised them (near Portland, OR) said, "Oh, just wait a few years".

I have other fruit trees (dwarf plum) that are doing well.

Does one really have to wait - many - years for a newly planted 10-foot Lapin cherry to produce anything meaningful?

They get plenty of sun and water.



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Most years in Portland, when fruiting cherry trees are in full bloom, those are the coldest and wettest days for those weeks.

Did you have lots of flowers and bees at the same time?

Did a lot of tiny immature cherries and stems rain down from the tree post-bloom?

Now that sweet cherries are ripening here, we just had the two coldest, wettest days for those weeks, likely to crack some cherries.

We have a scattering of Surefire (pie) cherries on our tree, I'm seeing the same on other neighborhood (sweet and pie) cherry trees of various ages.

So you have a combination of a young tree and an off year.

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There is a serious lack of pollinating insects in some parts of Portland. I had two big cherry trees for many years and got no fruit. I got a few cherries by hand-pollinating. If the trees do produce fruit, the birds are a serious problem. Those $5 bags of cherries at the grocery store keep looking better and better.

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There could be bee deserts in Portland. Beekeeper hobbyists are on the increase though and this SE neighborhood has plenty of bees.

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