Maui Buttercups total renewal late season

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)September 23, 2013

I'm doing a progression for Maui, which is on my list of favorites for performance this year.

Maui B'cups with Teaspoon. Maui is there looking sort of green in the shade of the sasanqua and the naturalized fern.
April 2013

Maui on June 4 2013 sporting a scape and perfect leaves, after I put it in morning sun

June 27th after the flowers opened..still adding leaves

July 7th showing the seed pod set on its scape...all this and a pod too? Wowie Maui!

July 12th a week later some more color change

July 29th, some burnt leaves when it got really hot even in the morning. But I left it in the same spot in the pointy end of the pink pirogue beneath the potted palm shading it.

August 12th, reshaping itself and about to get its act together.

and then Sept 18th, almost a totally renewed plant. Not bad for a couple of days before fall in our climate.

Quite a sweet young performer in my garden. How is yours doing?

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My Maui Buttercups is done for the season. It is scorched and the pretty lime leaves are pretty much gone. I don't know if it's the season or the fact that the primary shade from the dead plum tree is gone.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

All this from one leaf this spring!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

My post was time sensitive so I had to hurry...but just wanted to comment on WowieMaui, the name! Lol. Boy, your buttercups is sure growing swell, isn't it? What a beaut and so hardy, as I've found out.

I find I'm attracted to yellow/chartreuse too and have added a fair number just this year.

I started with a skinny little rooty thing that fell off ( I gave it assistance) of the mother plant I was sitting for my daughter last year. With each new leaf I came to love it more and more. I am really looking forward to spring. Should buy a big one as well...more to enjoy!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

MLanding, so here is your Maui Buttercups! I didn't have to look far, lol. Now that is a beauty! I especially love the June 27th photo with the white flowers just opening up. Does it stay yellow in shade? I have a 'Fire Island' that starts out bright but greens up as the season goes on, which I'm not crazy about. I also discovered this year something is eating it and I can't help but think that could be thin leaves, so I am looking for a new Yellow Hosta. I also love variegated Hostas that have yellow on them too.

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Well, I have a wannabe 'Maui Buttercups', as this is a sport from my 'Tropical Storm'. It's been growing very heartily. We'll see what happens.

Great-lookin' specimen ya got there, Mocc.

Don B.

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Thanks, folks. I guess you noticed that the tag for it indicates Hallson.....

.....and when I had it in total shade early in the spring, like the first picture shown of mine, it was a soft green color. I moved it to morning sun, and it yellowed up quickly. But it sort of fried a few leaves after July got really hot. And really humid. But you see it is holding a good yellow, with some new growth contributing splashes of the basic green. That plant makes me look like I know what I'm doing, and that is WONDERFUL, maybe one day I shall know what's up. :)

Perhaps I'll be looking for more in this size give my "WowieMaui" some company...along with the beautimus Tick Tock....a green holding on to its looks too. This shot taken Sept 18th of Tick Tock, not far from Maui Buttercups.

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