When you think you can say anything

marquest(z5 PA)March 26, 2012

You cannot post whatever you want on the net. This is what happens.....

NEW ORLEANS (AP) A New Orleans police officer who was placed on desk duty following a shooting has been suspended for posting a comment on a local television station's website about the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Officer Jason Giroir identified himself as a New Orleans Police Department employee when he wrote, "Act like a thug die like one!" in response to a WWL-TV article about a rally supporting Martin.

Martin was fatally shot last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas announced Monday that Giroir has been suspended indefinitely without pay.

Giroir was under investigation for his role in the March 1 on-duty shooting death of a 20-year-old man.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cop Suspended

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Inflammatory remarks about a combustible situation.

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It's the dismissive air regarding the manner of this boy's death and the non-value of this boy who is, still, a stranger to them in regards to facts and details about who in fact this boy was - that is what has me more disturbed than any other actual overt disgusting words or disgusting comments or even disgusting questioning about this boy's behavior or appearance that night (he deserved it?) I have yet heard or read. It's the dismissive air that cloaks all the words and questions (how big was he, how old did he look, how black was he, hey, what might have really been in that bag?) - dismissive.

It sickens me. Let it be one of THEIR (valuable!) kids and see how they would react to the very same words, questions, statements, dismissiveness.

Dismissive, about an underage boy I'm beginning to wonder who very well might have been, after all, more valuable than some of these people themselves.

He was very, very young, inexperienced about the ways of life, didn't yet really know who or what he wanted to be when he was finished growing up.

Unfortunately, some of the people who have had dismissive comments to make have already looooong since become who it is they are. Yep, they are who they are, no getting away from that sad fact.

I hope his loved ones aren't hearing about this trash talk from the trash who are doing all the ignorant talking.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Had a good friend that came a policeman and became hardened and insensitive after years on the street. Doesn't excuse it, but helps to explain it...

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When you post representing yourself as an employee, you are subject to polcies of the employer. This suspension is a no-brainer.

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Agree with jmc, especially.

It's one thing to voice personal comments publicly it is totally another to make comments that put your integrity as an employee or the reputation of an employer at risk.

Totally irresponsible comment especially from a policeman!

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The "stand your ground" law from what I understand is applied when you feel you are "threatened", not for stalking and hunting human prey.

Paint it any way you want .. this is what happened and I for one do not understand this whole "blame the victim" mentality.

Thought we had gotten away from that when women were blamed for being raped because of how they dressed etc.

We have not come far at all ....

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I think by far the majority of people feel like Zimmerman should be charged for killing this boy. By far, the majority are angry and upset because this guy is still on the street. Thousands are marching in Florida and around the country for justice for this child.

The "stand your ground" law has nothing at all to do with this case and everyone knows it.

I truly believe that justice will prevail in this case. But that is not going to bring any peace to the family who lost their son is such a senseless manner.

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I don't have any real facts, just what I have gleaned from the news, but my opinion is that Zimmerman will be charged by the grand jury BUT he will be acquitted at trial.

The " Stand Your Ground Law" will be his defense and , from what I hear, it must be proved BEYOND reasonable doubt that he did not feel threatened. That is going to very difficult absent a victim and/or an eye witness.

Hopefully, at a minimum, that dreadful law is reversed or amended and we will all think a bit harder about how we view young black men ......but as for justice being done .... I guess that will be in the eye of the beholder.

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I would agree, Mylab... how many times has one or another of us, right here, mentioned that we ALL have value and worth as human beings, regardless of what we look like, how we dress, and many other outward, or even inward, appearances? More times than I can recall.

Nowhere in any news piece have I yet read that Trayvon Martin acted like a "thug". Just one more piece of the puzzle that doesn't exist, but in the minds of those already soaked in bias.

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kingturtle(Zone 7 GA)

The officer's comments were not just inflammatory, his statement suggests a prejudgement and bias towards people like the victim. And to say this while under investigation for another shooting, is really stupid. I wonder if the person he shot was also a black man? It certainly does not help his case. The guy is either a loose cannon or really dumb.

Tobr, being hardened is one thing, but Martin has not been found guilty of any crime nor is it fair to call him a thug. To make such a comment while under investigation and especially in a city like New Orleans where the police department was implicated in racial profiling and unlawful shooting of blacks in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, that is more than a problem of voicing a personal opinion that conflicts with the department. His statements have compromised his ability to at least be seen to be impartial if not conduct his duties with impartiality. I suspect he has guaranteed that his suspension will be permanent and sadly that the NOPD will continue to be regarded with distrust by many in the community.

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He actually didn't shoot anyone. But his words were reprehensible which is enough to say he shouldn't wear a badge.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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david52 Zone 6

The "stand your ground" law has nothing at all to do with this case and everyone knows it.

The contrary. Its the reason the police didn't charge him with anything.

The case, like some 130 other cases in Fl, means that the police won't arrest you.

The law expands a citizen's right to use deadly force anywhere that he has a right to be if he "reasonably believes" it is necessary to stop another person from killing or hurting him badly.

The Times analysis shows that more than 70 percent of the 130 cases involved a fatality.

In the majority of the cases, the person who plunged the knife or swung the bat or pulled the trigger did not face a trial.

In 50 of the cases, the person who used force was never charged with a crime. Another nine defendants were granted immunity by a judge, and nine cases were dismissed.

In 10 cases, the defendant pleaded guilty to lesser crimes.

Of the 28 cases that made it to trial, 19 people were found guilty of a crime.

I believe the only reason this case is going to the Grand Jury is because of the nation-wide outcry

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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kingturtle(Zone 7 GA)

Thanks for the correction on the charges of the NOPD officer Mrskjun.

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marquest(z5 PA)

The guy is either a loose cannon or really dumb.

Why they feel they are safe and there is a bubble around them when they sit down in front of a screen is beyond me. People feel free to bare their soul with no possible consequences.

We have a topic about Facebook. It is why companies want to see your facebook. People say things on the net because they think it is safe to say what is in their heart. You see a lot of what a person really feels in their heart and mind by what they say on the net.

This situation is a reminder that you do not have freedom to say what comes into your peanut head on the net. Depending on the circumstances it can and will be used against you. Whether it is a personal or professional situation I always assume it can come back to bite me.

I have seen it happen to a friend not on Facebook or even a open discussion situation but a one on one email situation. Cost her financially and professionally.

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Is the onus of proof for self defense on the shooter? or does this 'stand your ground' law mean that anyone can shoot another person on his say so that he felt threatened? If the latter it would certainly be in the shooters interest to make sure his 'assailant' is dead thereby removing any counter claim.

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According to what the Prosecutor in Florida, who has been assigned this case, said that under the law the onus is on the State to prove that it was not self defense and that the shooter had no reason to feel threatened.

That's what caused me to make the statement I made. My bet is he is charged but found not guilty under this law.

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Justin Sipp, guilty of driving while black.

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