Asparagus question

bettycbowen(7)February 10, 2013

Usually by now it has been wet enough my brown asparagus tops remove easily, just with a little tug. But now it looks like I'm going to have to crawl around and cut them off one by one. Should I just wait?

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I cut mine in the Fall, then cover the bed with leaves until the weather warms in the early Spring. If they are still attached, I would cut them now. Mine always have seeds in the Fall and I don't want those to drop and sprout in the bed.

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Thanks, I started cutting today. I've always left them through most of winter, like my father did. I don't mind the seeds because some of my best clumps originated tht way. Next fall ill try cutting sooner. After the monarchs are gone.

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The main reason for leaving the tops over the winter is to act as a mulch to protect the roots. Like Carol we have already cut ours because we have a permanent mulch of wood chips. One of the reasons to mulch well is to keep the soil from warming up too quickly. Sometimes 2-3 inch asparagus spears can get caught in a late freeze and you lose quite a bit of the harvest. So if you have bare dirt, it would be good to put a mulch on.

Better not to leave the tops too long, though. I have several times seen a new sprout come up right through the hollow dead stem of last year and if it is still there, it can impede the new stem.

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