Magnolia x wieseneri

leslie6riJune 7, 2011

This is my beloved Magnolia x wieseneri that I searched for for years. It seems to be available in the U.S. now, but was only available in great Britain and Holland back then. (When I die, I hope to spend eternity in the Netherlands...) I so desperately wanted this small tree because I wanted to know what it smelled like. Some past garden writer mentioned what a wonderful scent it had, and I just had to know myself. --And now I do. If anyone out there remembers those Pepto-Bismol pink Canada mints that tasted like wintergreen (do they still make them?)... That's exactly what the M. x wieseneri flowers smell like to me.

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OMG - Canada mints? Now I think I have to have one of these too, but not because of the scent; it's really beautiful.

The flowers are stunning - but do you happen to have a photo that shows the "overall effect" instead of the flowers close up? I'm just curious about how the tree plays for people walking or driving by.

The images that google turns up are mainly close-ups of the flowers, and I wonder how floriferous the tree normally is.

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Hi diggingthedirt,

It's amazingly floriferous! It's a very small tree. I'm terrible with all things spatial, but it's 10 feet tall (or so) and had at least 30 blossoms this year. It's still putting out buds too. I think I do have a shot of the whole tree; I'll check today. If not, --I'll take a picture. And I'll ask my husband how tall he thinks it is (smile.) I planted it in partial shade under a maple and had to cut an overhanging branch to give the magnolia more room. I wonder if it's in too much shade, but it is growing and blooming so...

I also have two Magnolia x wieseneri 'Aashild Kalleberg' trees. One is grafted and one is on its own roots. The own-root tree shot up 16 feet(?) and is much more vigorous. The flowers are similar but the scent is different. I actually prefer the scent of 'Aashild Kalleberg' though both are wonderful.

And I have one Magnolia sieboldii which I mistakenly planted in heavy shade. The flowers should be similar to the other two, but I've never seen one. Not a single bloom in years. I need to move it into more light or have some huge maple and oak branches cut back.

I'll try to post a shot of the entire M. x wieseneri today.

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Here are a few pictures from last month. I don't know if it would be thicker and stronger in more sun, but it seems happy enough in high shade. I planted it 4 or 5 years ago.

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Photo of mother plant Magnolia x wieseneri 'Aashild Kalleberg'.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Very beautiful flower. It reminds me a lot of the southern evergreen magnolias except that the leaves are not shiny. Does it bloom all summer?

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magnolavastic(z6/7 Norway)

I will recommend Magnolia x wieseneri 'Swede Made'. It has the same "parents" as M. x w. 'Aashild Kalleberg', but it is the reverse cross: M. sieboldii x M. obovata. It grows perfectly on own roots, but it will grow well grafted onto M. tripetala stock.

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