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Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)September 24, 2012

Instead of going the slow route for this second order to WadeGatton, I decided to call. Very glad I did too, got to chat with Miss Dawn who somehow knows her way around their massive hosta holdings.

I'm posting this information now, because she said that next week is the last week they'll be doing any digging. And if you wish to order anything for shipment next week, please call by Wednesday this week, since she'll be off on Thursday. This does not affect the orders for hosta which do NOT have to be dug, and you can refer to the catalog (download it from their site)for the names of those.

Among the ones I'm getting are some from their OS holdings of fragrant-flowered hosta....which I found on Don's list for same. Seem to have a problem locating a 'White Triumphator' though, since it is a patented plant and cannot be divided. What source do you use in such a case?

Will be so happy when I can have access again to my index of hosta orders and descriptions, my data base was unavailable to me since the computer scrambled all the administrator privileges and deleted my user profile. Talk about frustration and depression....what a revolting development THAT was.

But as much as I tried (and am trying still) to keep a lid on aquisitions, I tell myself better now than in the spring, so they have the rest of fall and winter too, to establish for our early growth next year. It's my way of justifying this late spate of orders.

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Thank goodness ! I am not alone in this line of thinking. I got my order and all planted now . Just have to plant the great tulips I found in Costco and Hope I can't find another good sale!.After the 4 new areas I have no room again and these beds were suppose to be for my evergrowing plants to be moved to .. Oh well, I will have to squeeze those somewhere else or give the additions away and get someone else hooked too.So exciting

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jarih(4 in Finland)

You are not alone moccasinlanding with your order or justifying it. Hope you send pictures when they arrive.
I have desired two times - no more orders - this year. I ordered Titanium and from other place very new, among other: Snake Eyes (Striptease sport), Dutch Flame (Victory sport) and Party Popper (Catherine sport which is June sport). Two last are gambling or test what to get. These are not 'tested' in field / someones garden. Beach Boy is from same grower, these might be good too. It would be nice to see if someone have picture of Beach Boy in your garden.

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Ah yes, pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Jarih, never saw Beach Boy but did google it. Your question about it seems to be already discovered by the Google bot.
GardenWeb forums are very well covered it seems.

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To show part of the order received earlier here is one of the photos. Those are really tall scapes on Buckwheat Honey, a fragrant hosta, and they came with the hosta....oh joy, I can grow my own fragrants for next year!!!! As soon as the pods dry, pick them I shall and give them a stint in the freezer before laying them to rest in some starter soil. I suppose to keep my hosta addiction going, I'll be bringing it indoors?

The sink they are in = 20 inches
The adjacent counter = 28 inches
So the top & roots = 48 inches of sheer growing happiness

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