Nice combination

jarih(4 in Finland)September 9, 2012

I took some pictures today. We might have first night frost tomorrow. If all goes like normally we could have a month or two before frosty nights.

I ordered Jan van den Top some hostas - shipping day is also tomorrow. It will be a long week to wait - Bridal Falls is one of them I wait most.

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Lykaon - Ohio Zone 6a

Those are the best looking September hosta I've seen. You've taken immaculate care of your hosta!

Care to tell us the hosta we are seeing?

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jarih(4 in Finland)

Thank you lykaon. It's dark here now and I don't remember all, but there is: Stitch in Time, Woop Woop, Wolverine, small Red October, Touch of Class, Marrakesh and something else..

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Nice garden! Frost already sounds nice to me. We had 105 (40.56 C) day before yesterday. My garden is fried, and I am just about fried, too. I am ready for some cool fall weather.

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bernd ny zone5

You have very nice hostas, thanks for showing!
I once looked it up, and here in zone 5 our climate was similar to St.Petersburg in Russia which is just across the Baltic Sea from Finland. We usually had our first frost on September 16, last years the end of October. But last night was in the mid 40s and leaves are falling. And in 3 1/2 months is Xmas.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Those are great looking hostas in an immaculately kept hosta bed. Good luck with your new hosta acquisitions from Jan van den Top. I still have to get some hostas into the ground too before it freezes.

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Ohhh, I KNEW that was Stitch In Time....and Touch of Class.
(getting better at this stuff)

Right-o, you keep immaculate hosta. Love the dark mulch. Did you ever tell us what you use? It almost looks like volcanic rock.

Good luck with your new arrivals.

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I get alot of my hostas from jan and have been extremly happy with all of them...please post pictures of Bridal Falls as i am thinking of getting that one next season....Loving your hostas..UK

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jarih, your hostas look great! Nice to see another Scandinavian member on the forum. And, people, you are such enablers! Right now I'm assembling an order from Jan's HostaWorld and after this post I definitely have to add Bridal Falls on my order list.

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I am absolutely thrilled hearing from hosta-lovers from your side of the ocean and personally would like to hear from you more often. Several years ago I had the honor of having a stepson in the GAP (German American Participation) program. We had a fine young man from Germany live with us for a month before sending our son to his home for a month in Germany. It was truely an eye-opening experience, in a very positive way. He was overwhelmed by how much SPACE we enjoy here in America. The GAP group had taken a DAY trip by bus to New Orleans and crossed only one state-line between Arkansas and Louisiana. He told me a trip from his house that distance would carry him across as many as 4 International Borders. I had never realized that.
We had a birthday party on the White River at Bull Shoals State Park and I had caught some Rainbow Trout which he had shown interest in. I offered him my rod to take a turn. He had no license (I did) and he wouldn't even think of touching the fishing rod without one.
No matter how hard I'd tried to convince him Charley Jones, our local warden, would give him a pass he felt it would be disrespectful to others who had worked so hard for their fishing licenses. In Germany it appeared, it was considered an honor and privilege, not a right, to be licensed to fish.

I can't believe how perfect your hostas look Jarih. I am very proud for you. Your garden is priceless!


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Great looking hostas and a well tended to garden!

Here in the Ottawa Valley we generally get frost early September and some areas did get touched with first frost last sunday night. The southern part of the valley especially near the rivers (Ottawa and Rideau) tends to fight off the first frost for a week or two longer.

It just doesn't get real hot here - we complain bitterly of the heat if the temps get even close to 90F. My hosta gardens are irrigated daily by pumping river water and are fairly well shaded. And yes, most of the hostas still look fresh and healthy. After reading this forum all summer it seems that I am pretty lucky to have such great hosta growing conditions similar it seems to what our friends in Finland have.

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jarih, beautifully kept hosta bed and such a nice collection! Looking forward to pics of your new arrivals.

Like moccasinlanding, I'm curious about the mulch too. I've been thinking that lava rock might detour snails...if so, it would be worth the investment for under my pots.

Les, I loved the story about the German lad and his visit.


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jarih(4 in Finland)

Thanks for looking and comments. I have put mulch from sack, it's name in Finnish is "Musta Multa" = "Black Mulch". It consist: peat, composed pine bark, sand and little clay. It is totally natural product and very good for hostas but unfortunately as well for weeds. This mulch don't have seeds or weeds but still there is weeds to pull up every third day. I try to pick them up before getting half inch high.
Yes, I promise to put pictures here after I have got them from Jan. Maybe on Friday.

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HostaLes said it very well.

So good to have European input here. It emphasizes the international nature of hosta and gardening in general. Plus, it brings a new point of view to the party! I suppose hostaholics are the same the world over. :)

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thank you for sharing this nice looking picture !

I will bet you won't be able to see that mulch in another few years.

then the weeds will be no problem at all.

I hope you didn't get the frost.

I am looking forward to more nice pictures.


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jarih(4 in Finland)

No Frost so far -:)This is summer, same bench.

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The staggered effect of taller in the back & shorter in the front is very nice!
Now I'm curious, what is the hosta at the 1:30 position with narrow wavy leaves and red stems?


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jarih(4 in Finland)

I quess you (Deb) mean Marrakesh. It is bright yellow in summer.

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Hyaa huomenta Jarih
Your hosta are just beautiful and thank you for posting pictures. The Marrakesh is fabulous and so showing .Not sure why there has to be weeds but it seems inevitable.

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Marrakesh, Oooh purdy, I love it!


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jarih(4 in Finland)

Hyv�� huomenta almoshooked. It's not very common to see Finnish language here. I just woke up and soon will go to work. I'll wait message about a package - hostas from Holland.

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jarih(4 in Finland)

The first word is Hyv.. and two a with dots. :)

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