Who Wins "Best Lookin" for September 20th?

harryshoe zone6 eastern PennsylvaniaSeptember 20, 2013

Its getting late in the hosta season here. As I was transplanting some of my crowded plants yesterday, I just couldn't help noticing how well Paul's Glory has held up over a long season.

Who has staying power in your garden?

Paul's Glory

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this is Janet's favorite time of year , the second flush down in the middle shows what color is earlier in the year

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Brother Stefan has gotten better and better as the season has progressed. I think it has good staying power! In the background you see Atlantis (left side) and my NOID. I think Atlantis may be good too.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

And here is a leaf shot also taken today. Most marks on the leaves are from hail we had a month ago.

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Wow, newhostalady, you're 'Brother Stefan' is gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to grow up.

I have 'Paul's Glory' and 'Brother Stefan' and agree that they both look really good until frost.

For me, it's a tie. While most of my hosta still look pretty good, there were 2 that stood out as best. This first one is 'Lakeside Cupcake'. Still immature yet, but growing like gangbusters and looking good.

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The other hosta I really like towards the end of summer is 'Paradise Joyce'. When she comes up in spring, she's pretty much a 'June' lookalike. However, as the summer progresses, the center of the leaves glow yellowish white and distinguish her from all others.

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'Silver Bay' has held it's blue very impressively, despite a lot of overhead watering, and a bit of afternoon sunshine. It's also shown no signs of beginning dormancy.

Don B.

P.S.: If you love blue hostas, and you don't have 'Silver Bay' yet, put it near the top of next spring's 'Get It' list. And don't judge by my plant, look at a mature one and see what it'll be. I'm here to help.

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Don, I looked up 'Silver Bay' and it is gorgeous! *Sigh* Is my wish list EVER going to get smaller? I keep buying more hostas, yet my list keeps getting longer...how does that happen?

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

I think Earth Angel is holding up very well also. How could you not love those leaves!

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I agree, your Earth Angel is gorgeous.
Wish I had taken the time to clean the leaves on some of mine. The sweetgum trees and pecans are beginning to drop leaves, and gee they can penetrate the hosta quickly.

My tablet doesn't take as fine a color or high megapixel as my Nikon digital, but I used it most recently and haven't removed photos from the Nikon yet. However, I'd say that
Paradigm is looking super fine.

Yesterday's Memories on 9/18/13 late in the afternoon.

Faithful Heart....it has that teeny narrow green margin, and look how gold it is! Love this as part of my "heart set."

Tiajuana Brass looking mature isn't he? Got him this summer from Jim Hartmann....he thought I'd like him, and I sure do.

Squash Casserole....this has looked GOOD from the first of spring. And it continues, in the same location, to have perfect leaves. I'm afraid to touch it!

Lakeside Lollipop....can't turn down this one with its rough texture and blue green look. A really sweet hosta.

I'm leaving off Mama plantaginea, my favorite hosta of all time. You've seen her and her clones before. :)

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