planting out winter-sown stuff

redbirdroad(7)February 17, 2013

Am I jumping the gun? I have milk jugs full of lettuces, arugula, cilantro, spinach and peas that are a couple inches tall with fully-formed leaves. I see that people are planting seeds for these things now, and wonder if I should be planting my little plants. I've never done this before...

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I would leave it in it's wintersown containers and keep it out of the sun, and give it a couple more weeks for the nights to warm up a little. I'm Zone 6, but it is still too cold here.

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...and I would plant them out! Those are all cool season crops. If you have enough, you could try planting a few out. Once you start planting, it is important to keep them watered until they settle in. That was the hardest part when I started planting, keeping up with the watering. We should be getting rain this week, so, that is good news.

When I wintersowed, I planted as soon as they had leaves, real leaves :)

You will be amazed by their roots.

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Oh, and if you can, you might put some sort of protection, netting, chicken wire, something over them until after the rain. I found that the birds and squirrels were always very interested in new seedlings.

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Thank you!
...I definitely have enough to try putting some out now, and save some for later. I wasn't too sure about the seeds I was using, so I may have-- uh-- overplanted just a little. Seems they survived just fine from last year!

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