Inspired by hh.

JonSeptember 15, 2012

After seeing your seedling bed hh, I was inspired to create one out of the Elegans (most likely) seedlings scattered around. Here they are-

I had 5 more that I could readily find, but they were very tiny, or very stepped on and I left them where they were.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)


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good start!

you can re plant those trampled ones of the pathway, they will be just fine.

Now for the hard part - the years of waiting to see what they become, grrrr!

I sometimes plant seeds right around the plant that came from, so I have some idea of their mama.

we also bury labels with the seedlings if we know where they came from.

best wishes!

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hh, these were all around my Elagans. Of course they could have been pollinated by anything. I am putting the seedlings in an area along the road where I would be very likely to trample the very small ones, so they are better off where they are until they get larger.

I will line the road with them as they pop up. They will not be a "formal" part of the garden; just something a little unusual and hopefully something others can enjoy.....and at no cost! Who knows, something real nice may develop.


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bernd ny zone5

Jon, that is a great idea to plant hostas at roads, like apple trees were planted way in the past. I always thought to plant duplicate hostas at road sides, but never did it. Bernd

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I am half owner of the property, so I am not exactly playing Johnny Appleseed. I have been planting some of the stuff I don't know what to do with on the roadside; but I did had a big Montauk daisy stolen and I am reluctant to put anything that costs much (or anything) out there. I have planted some rhododendrons, mums, vinca, various salvia (hosta seedlings) vines, etc and I even have a pumpkin patch (huge) from last years Halloween pumpkins that I threw into a pile of leaves, it got powdery mildew and I think I might only get 2 pumpkins. English ivy climbing the telephone pole.....sssshhhh, don't turn me in to the utility. I have about 220 foot frontage so I can play around with the space for a long time.

I get a lot of compliments, but I'm sure some neighbors think I'm bonkers, in a couple cases the feeling is mutual.


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