More plant ID's!

deanna_in_nh(5a/4b)June 26, 2011

The first is a weed (at least it is amongst the weeds right now), and it is doggone pretty. The color isn't good in the photo, but the beautiful flowers are a buttercream yellow. I'll be planting this up to put in the garden unless I get news that it's invasive via root runners. Seedlings I can handle, root runners aren't tolerated!

The second is a bush given to me by Debra at our swap. She wasn't sure of the name but said it put out white flowers, and she and her husband called it their "layer cake" because it seemed to put out branches/blooms in layers over the whole plant. No blooms to show, only foliage.

Thank you!


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The first is a potentilla - that's a quite pretty one. They send out surface runners like strawberries, but if you don't want it to spread, just remove them before they have firmly rooted.

My guess is that the second is viburnum since it has white flowers, opposite leaves, and has a layered look, probably one of the V. plicatum types.

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nhbabs, right again about the potentilla. Searching turned up so many varieties of that plant, and so few had the same foliage nor looked as beautiful as my "weed," but I think I've finally identified it as Potentilla recta Sulphur Cinquefoil. Based on my quick search, that distinctive lobed and notched leaf structure (if those are the correct terms) points to P. recta. I just love i!

I'll keep searching for the viburnum. Certainly fits the description. As for the variety/type, I would think those red stems would be mentioned, but my quick (very quick--dinner needs to be done) searching didn't find any.


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The viburnum is lovely, with those reddish new leaves and stems. Is the foliage as golden as it seems?

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Yes, it really is that golden/lime-ish. Isn't it pretty with those red stems? Very nice foliage. Because it's so new to me, I don't know if that's the color of new growth or its permanent color. Right now all the leaves on my little start are that color.

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