june81948(z6 MA)June 10, 2012

I have 3 long planter boxes on my deck which I planted calibrachoa in them thinking that since they were in the petunia family that they would be nice and bushy as well as cascading. I have found that the flowers are mostly on the ends of the trailer branches. The rest of the branch is skimpy and bare. How do I get them to fill out more?

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If these are really callibrachoa (sp?), then they should be full of flowers if they have a few things:

Full sun or near to it
Warm weather--not the cold, rainy days we just had
Lots of liquid fertilizer like Miracle Gro

I fertilize every day with 1/4 teaspoon Miracle Gro in one gallon of water. Packed with flowers all season. These are wonderful plants, esp since there's no deadheading.

Good luck!

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june81948(z6 MA)

yes they are in the sun.
We have had a lot of rain lately so maybe they got water logged. I have been using Miracle Gro Blossom Boost once a week. The rest of the week, just plain water. I guess I'll try fertilizing them more often and see what happens.

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