What kind of plant is this?

osucowboys405February 1, 2013

A friend grew me a few branches of this plant from trimmings and gave it to me.

It's just about the only plant I've kept alive longer than a few months.

It hasn't grown as much for me as it did for her, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Not enough light? Water? I have no idea, and I can't figure out what plant it is.

But, I have no idea what it is... other than a green vine.

I want to help it to grow more, and to propagate cuttings.

Any ideas on what this mystery plant is?

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Pothos Ivy.

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OSUcowboys, I'm attaching info on the Pothos plant for your information, regarding care and maintenance. Pothos is in the Araceae family, same as Elephant Ears, Caladiums, Calla Lilies, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Anthuriums, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pothos Vine

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I'm glad I know what it is now.

I've been letting it dry out a lot... I guess it's good I forgot to water it after all.

It doesn't get much light, so I guess that's why it's been growing slow and stayed green.

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