Question about garden fencing and trellising

canokieFebruary 10, 2013

I need to put up a fence around my garden to keep my dogs out. Last year I used the green vinyl coated welded wire garden/rabbit fencing and my dogs managed to pull it apart enough to get through it. This year I want to use something stronger. I was looking at the horse panels sold by Tractor Supply, which are 16' long and have 2"x4" mesh so that would be small enough to keep my dogs out (they aren't big dogs - about 20 lb. each). The horse panel is $70 for one, and I would need two to fence in my garden.

However, they also have rolls of horse fencing with the same size mesh, and its $120 for a 100' roll. I'm thinking this would be a better deal since I could fence my garden for less than the cost of two panels and have plenty left to use as trellis along the inside of my wooden fence.

I'm not familiar with fencing materials so I'm just going by what I see online. Is there anybody here who can help me make a decision on this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Horse fencing

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I bought some string trellis from Park's and it will work fine for me. Around $25 for about 100 ft and I just use t-posts and some baling wire across the top to hold it up. Cheap AND movable.

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I think you will be pleased with the rolls of fencing. The leftovers can be used for trellises and tomato cages etc. Try Lumber2 for better prices if you are in the OKC area. Home Depot and Lowes also carry the rolls and might have a sale.

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I would probably buy two 16 foot cattle panels at around $20 each, then put some two foot chicken wire fence across the bottom of it. That would allow you a strong fence, and the 2 foot chicken wire fence would keep the dogs out.

My garden fence is chain-link but also has chicken wire around the bottom. Chicken wire is lightweight, but attached to the panel it will be fine, and it isn't very expensive.

You will need tall t-post at the end of the panels, then two shorter ones for the middle of each panel to give them a little more stability. I like strong 6 foot post for the ends, but use the lighter weight 3 footers in the centers.

In the Fall as I am clearing out parts of my garden, I build pens with cattle panels, then stretch plastic construction fence to them. Not pretty, but it keeps the chickens where I want them to start cleaning up the garden, and keeps them out of the area that still has useful plants.

What about a gate?

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