Eucalyptus came back!

novita(SWB.C. z8)June 3, 2009

We have a 20 yr old Euc growing through the deck as high as the house. The trunk is 2 ft. in diameter. After the winter every leaf was brown. We cut it back to the main trunk but it just looked completely dead. Now little sprouts are popping out all over the place from the trunk.

Quite the tree, Eucalyptus!

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mine died. it still looks dead, and i may cut it to the ground this weekend.

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homernoy(z8b Bemerton)

I moved to the Bay Area right after the 1990 freeze, and there were a small percentage of Eucalyptus trees that were heavily damaged, or killed outright. One thing I did notice was trees that had lost most of their small to medium branches and all of the leaves, tended to sprout new growth everywhere. Some literally looked like Chia Pets!

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Yes, alive! I have several Eucs, and even the big scoparia that died very dead with huge splits in the trunk is coming back from the tip of trunk sawed off to the ground. Heard they do this so kept watering it. The camphora that lost all leaves is sprouting from trunk and branches, same with crenulata and volcanica. Bogong still dormant, not dead but all leaves dead and nothing sprouting yet. Volcanica has sprouts from trunk and coming up ground. Nitens didn't lose all leaves, is going gangbusters. Urnidra new growth. Silver dollar new growth. Gunnera and spinning wheel new growth. They like the hot sunny weather.

I am so relieved to see life in these Eucs!

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novita(SWB.C. z8)

I had to laugh to think of a big tree looking like a chia pet!

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All the leaves and branches of my eucalyptus are dead for several months now. I saw the same happening to every eucalyptus in the area. I was going to cut it down, but there are little sprouts coming out on the bottom of the trunk. It is ALIVE!!! I am not going to cut any of the "dead" branches off for a month, just to see what will happen. My neighbors' tree is doing the same :)

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