Too Early for Pansies

ckhr(z7 OK)February 11, 2006

I'm still a newbie at gardening and having so much fun. The garden bug has definitely bitten! Anyway...I'm ready and while at Lowe's yesterday they have their pansies out. Is it too early to plant them. We've had such a wierd winter. Can't wait to be a part of this forum. And who knows...I may even be able to give advise some day!

Many Thanks!

Claudia from Norman

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I would wait until this cold passes. Once they become established, they can take a lot of cold, even snow, but not sub-freezing temps. It burns them. Newly planted plants would be even more vulnerable.
I got some Pansies from Lowe's the other day, too. (LOL)
They smelled so good and their bright colors just enchanted me and I had to take home two 6 packs. The yellow is very fragrant. Yum! They are sitting up on my china hutch in the kitchen right now, waiting for this bitter cold to pass.

Welcome aboard!
~ SweetAnnie4u

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ckhr(z7 OK)

After posting this I went outside and it is FREEZING and felt really dingy for asking this question! I took a look at your website and absolutly love your cottage garden and house. I'm striving for a FUTURE cottage garden. We have 2 acres but have only landscaped with foundation plants around the house. Your pictures were very inspiring.
Thanks again and HAPPY GARDENING!

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Am I giving out the wrong advice? My daughter loves pansies, but she lives in zone 8. Last month her local Lowes was selling them, but I told her to wait until fall to plant pansies, since they suffer in the heat.

My thinking was that she would have a longer survival time by planting them in the fall, since her winters are not usually cold enough to freeze them and prevent them from continuing on until her summer heat-up time arrives.

I even tend to prefer planting them in zone 6b just after the summer heat breaks into more fall like temps.

Am I wrong?

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I lived in zone 8 (Louisiana) for 10 years. We had long Springs and long Falls. Summer was hot and humid, but thank God the hottest part was brief. Unfortunately, in August the seasonal monsoon would begin, too. No one went outside to play or garden in August unless it was necessary. It didn't cool down one bit at night and the humidity was so high that the air was heavy and it could be hard to breathe. (How did people stand it before Central Air?)
If she just wants some Spring color for now, go ahead. They will be fine through May (in normal years). If she wants to enjoy them longer, then you are correct, she should wait to plant them sometime from October thru December. She will get many months of lovely color.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

I guess We always planted petunias in spring and pansies in fall. Petunias seemed to handle the heat much better.


It was ice blocks in front of fans and swamp coolers. I personally loved the swamp coolers myself :-).


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mycatsmom(zone 6 Ponca)

I am in Northern Oklahoma and my pansies have been out for weeks in pots and look great. They can take a lot of cold. Fertilize them often.
ponca City

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I am currently in NW Arkansas. Zone 6a. I plant pansies in the fall. They bloom all winter but burn out in the summer. This past winter was so mild, that I had some reseed themselves from the previous winter. I moved them to a better viewing spot and they never seemed to care. I think sometimes the big box stores sell whatever is blooming - knowing we won't be able to resist. So, if I buy some right now - I'll only get 2 or 3 months out of them. But, for the pleasure they give - it's worth it.

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