Not true love but False Lily of the Valley

nwkrys(z8 OR)June 20, 2012

How fickle our love for a plant can be.

I have a small yard at the beach whose yard was an overgrown jumble when we bought it. I have spent the last several years pulling ivy and buttercups. I have been able to thin out the bluebells to a managable level but just these past two years I am suddenly overrun with False Lily of the Valley. I used to think it was lovely but it is so invasive and by late summer it's a dried up scraggly mess. It's in the grass and chokes out the sweet peas I used to be able to tuck in amongst the shrubs. I know for some gardens, it's a lovely ground cover but it's not working here.

I'm not necessarily looking for eradication but I do need to know the best way to control it.

Any suggestions or similar stories would be appreciated!

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I have a small patch in my woodland gardens in the backyard where little else grows due to large fir trees and acidic soil. It doesn't spread much there.

Possible ideas to help you:
dig a trench & install edging
hand remove as much of it as you can out of the lawn before it goes dormant in summer
layer over lawn with cardboard, compost & replant in Sept
(I'm not sure if that will prevent it from emerging back through the cardboard in spring when decomposed.

When removing try to get the root.
Use a strong tool to help you: screwdriver, weeder tool with a little fork on the end, metal trowel. I have a diggit tool that really grips the roots when prying them out, so is worth the $.

Here is a link that might be useful: diggit tools

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