Speaking of which.....is it dry or a drought?

mrtulinJune 8, 2011

All right, it has just been dry and summer isn't officially here. Already I can't keep up with watering last summer's new shrubs and trees and they are wilting.

I forget when we can call it a drought. Call it what you want, I need rain.


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Ditto...heck, make that double ditto, Marie. It's hot, hot and dry as Death Valley right when things were starting to bloom and turn the garden into a flood of color & texture. I can't keep up with the watering because I can't stand to be outside in 95 degree temps. I'm hitting the things I would really hate to lose but feel guilty about neglecting most everything else. I carried 60 or more winter sowing containers of sprouts inside the garage to get them out of the blistering sun until the weather cools down. It's weather like this that makes me grateful for all the shade in my garden even if I can't grow as many sun lovers as I'd like.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I can't believe, after the days and days and DAYS of rain, that I would actually find myself wishing for rain, but here I am, wishing for rain!

What's saddest to me is the blooms that are wilting/shattering/dying in this heat. Things that usually bloom now are just not used to this. I finally get a good showing out of my young rose bushes, and they are all shattering in one day.

Plan to get up at 5AM or so to get some watering in before work tomorrow...


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I was so happy to be awoken by thunder this morning, and happy to look outside and see it raining quite hard. I don't think we got a whole lot of accumulation, but at least I know I won't have to water today!

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terrene(5b MA)

I'm glad we're getting the thunderstorms today. We need the rain! Overall it has been a dry Spring, except for that stretch of rainy weather we had a few weeks ago. I can't bear the thought of another summer like last year.

Only drawback - the Peonies were absolutely beautiful this morning before the rain, now they are flopping. :(

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Terrene, my poor peonies were flopping in the heat anyway, so the rain doesn't really matter! I couldn't believe how dark it was here about 5PM, but the storm wasn't as bad as forecast, and not only did we get the much-need rain, but the temps have dropped considerably, thank goodness!

Glad I didn't get up at 5AM to water after all, lol.


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We had lots of thunder and what sounded like heavy rain late last night, but a bucket I had left outside was still practically empty this morning - if we got 1/16th of an inch, I'd be surprised.

It's raining now, though, and it seems like a pretty steady rain. When it started, we were out walking the dog, and it felt like quite the downpour as we ran home. I'm still totally soaked - and it feels great!

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We were lucky enough to get just over 1/2" according to my rain gauge. I am off work today and will frantically plant those plants that need to be put in but that I haven't dared plant in this heat, and also hopefully find time to mulch the veggie beds.

Like Dee, many of my flowers have been quite short-lived in this heat, and I haven't wanted to go out to spend time in the garden to enjoy them. Hopefully things will stay a bit more seasonal in the next couple of weeks. We really didn't seem to have much spring here - we went from temperatures in the 50's to ones in the 90's twice, but haven't had much of those 60's and 70's that are so nice.

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nhbabs, I was wondering how much rain we got, and I was hoping it would have been more than 1/2"! I'll take 1/2 inch, though, as it has certainly made a wonderful difference. I hope our forecast for some rain beginning of next week pans out, as well. This heat needs to spend some time in the Time Out chair and stay in it's own playground south of the Mason-Dixon!

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