Getting organized!

MiaOKCFebruary 26, 2013

Took the opportunity of a rainy day off yesterday to organize my seeds. They were a mess in a tub, so much so that I didn't even start any seeds last year. Also cleaned out the garage and got my light shelf all set up there, chopped some vinyl blinds into gardening tags, hit the nursery for some annuals I want to attempt to propagate through cuttings, and started two flats of seeds (yes I feel like I am late but am doing it anyway!)

Yay for spring cleaning!

PS - the seed starting mix I purchased yesterday and plan to use for propagation is really dry. I poured a few cups of hot water into the bag and sealed it back up. Is that enough to rehydrate it?

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Mia, it really looks good. I dont have anything organized and I doubt that ever will but I sure wish I had that talent.

I dont know much about starting mix except it is too expensive. I have started a little late also but if the weather stays like it is now mother nature will be late also.

Here is a picture of my some of my seed starts. They look pretty good for plants that were started in potting soil. They are a little thick, but all are old seed except the Red Sails lettuce.


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You made me smile privately and you weren't even trying. :-)


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pam_chesbay(VA 8a/7b)


Good job! Especially for a guy who isn't organized.


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Pam and Seedmama, thank you. I Was born without an Organisational Gene, but I got two Clutter Genes in its place.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Everything looks nice and organized. I reorganize my potting shed and seed containers every winter and then by mid-March, you cannot even tell I had straightened up and re-organized the mess.

With your seed starting mix, without seeing it and knowing how dry it was when you bought it, we can only guess if the water you added is enough. When I open up a bag, I pour in warm water and mix it in well with gloved hands. I usually do that 2 or 3 days before I intend to use the mix. I check it every day and if it isn't as moist as I want, I add more water and mix it in. I find it a lot easier to get the mix good and moist before I begin using it.

You're really not that late, anyhow, considering the fact that you're in central OK. Even as far south as I am, we still are a solid month away from our average last frost date and most people here haven't put anything in the ground yet, except some folks with sandy soil already have planted their onions.

Larry, Your seedlings look great. You really don't want for them to be too big this early, especially since the cooler than average temperatures will last a bit longer.

If you have two Clutter genes, I must have four of them....but, as long as it is my clutter, I still know where almost everything is......but I cannot find a single thing in Tim's Clutter, and he cannot find anything in mine either.

Starting today, I will be a planting maniac in any area that is dry enough from recent rains to allow planting. That's just with cool-season stuff. With the warm-season plantings, all I've started from seeds is peppers, tomatoes and tomato-related annual fruit (Cape Gooseberry, ground cherry, garden huckleberry and the like). After I clear out the greenhouse a lot over the next week by transplanting most, if not all of the cool-season stuff into the ground, I'll have more room for flats of warm-season plants, and I'll start a lot more transplants from seed.

We are seeing a rapid green-up in the pastures and along the roadsides here this week, so I think Spring is about to start busting out all over, and I am ready.

I do think the cooler-than-average temperatures might persist a while, especially at night, so I'll probably use row covers any time our overnight low is forecast to drop below about 25 degrees.

My local forecast looks a bit cool for the next 4 days but then gets much nicer after that. I looked at the 8-14 day outlook, and it gives us every reason to believe below-average temperatures are likely to persist a while.


Here is a link that might be useful: NCEP 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

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Thanks for the info. I will check the bag tonight and add more water as needed. As an alternative, I'd filled a cell-pack with the soil and watered it, leaving it sitting in about an inch of water to see if the water would wick up into the soil - the answer appears to be no. I'll add that soil back to the bag and keep moistening until it is workable before beginning my cuttings.

I did exert mighty restraint on the number of veggie seeds sown, since I am attempting to really focus on some of our ratty established flower beds this year.

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