Cape Cod nurseries and garden centers?

javaandjazz(z6 CT)June 24, 2012

We are going up to the Cape for a few days around July 4th and was wondering of there are any interesting garden centers to stop in and wander around. We are staying in Centerville but will be all over. Thanks, Richie

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Country Garden on West Main St Hyannis is very close to Centerville( I live in Centerville). It's large enough to keep you occupied for while. Then there is Mahoney's(rather small) and Bush Gardens, both in Osterville(even closer to Centerville).


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Aargg! I just answered this, and my post got eaten.

In Falmouth, I like Flower Garden Farm (Sandwich Road, near Rt 151) and Brick Kiln Farm (Brick Kiln Rd, near Sandwich Rd). Both have mainly temperennials and annuals, but also an assortment of hardy perennials and some woodies - including some unusual ones. I've found delectable items like red castor bean, Salvia argentea, artichokes, Franklinia altamaha at these places in recent memory - sometimes just a few plants tucked into a back corner.

Oh, yes, we also have a big Mahoney's. I DO go there, too!

In Pocasset, I like Pondscapes (it's not just about water gardening). Have not been there this year but they normally have a good assortment of unusual woodies along with the standards - and some good woodland perennials. Their stock usually looked really good. Big selection of ceramics, too.

Falmouth Farmers' Market on Thursdays has a few booths with locally grown plants - I haven't seen many perennials or woodies though. It's a good market, including Pan d'Avignon bakery, the olive oil guy, the coffee guy, and several farms that sell things you might not want to buy on vacation, like meat and eggs.

Hope you have good weather and a great time on the Cape!

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Richie - Depending on your route on/off The Cape, check out Avant Gardens. . .


Here is a link that might be useful: Avant Gardens

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

Thanks everyone! Carl, we may hit yours another time. We have several places on the way up to stop and then heading to Boston before we head back home. Thanks!

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runktrun(z7a MA)

On your way to Boston stop at Katsura nursery in Plymouth it is not far off route three and you can tell your fellow travelers that you are stopping so they can stretch their legs.
If a return visit allows for more time you might want to check out the six nurseries on the Vineyard plus a visit to Polly Hill is always fun and they do sell some hard to find plants as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Katsura Gardens

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

We ended up stopping at Country Garden in Hyannis and I bought an oleander tree in a pot for the deck. It was only $20 and you could not go wrong. I am going to try and winter it over in the basement to save it. Thanks for the recommendation. That traffic is route 28 is just plain awful this time of the year!

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My sympathy about the traffic - we never go near Hyannis in the summer unless absolutely necessary. A trip to the RMV, normally about 40 minutes, took me almost 2 hours last week (those times are each way).

Falmouth isn't that crowded, and with apologies to Carl in advance, we decided that all the NJ plates on the cars in the mid-cape area probably explained the situation - those folks are used to sitting in traffic for hours and it didn't seem to bother them. Me, I can't stand it!

By the way, I was in Truro for the weekend, and I spotted Rock Spray, the heath and heather place. I hadn't mentioned it earlier because I thought it had closed. Might have to get out there this fall and have a look around.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The bridge traffic is awful too; it can be backed up for miles and miles and miles... I live about 5 miles from the Sagamore Bridge and I just avoid going to the Cape during the summer, particularly on weekends. If I have to go I'll try to check the online traffic sites first to see if I can find a better route. Cape Cod Traffic is a new one and looks good.

Even if I don't go over a bridge I avoid the Route 6 Scenic Highway that runs along the Canal, and also Route 3 southbound as it gets near the Sagamore Bridge. These both get jammed up on weekends and holidays and I know lots of back roads to get around them.

When I lived and worked in NYC I often had to drive in traffic so I was used to it - a radio really helps - but it's hard to get back into that mindset now. Particularly since I drive a stick shift now and stop and go traffic is rough on the clutch.


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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

When is the best time to go? We are thinking of going up to Martha's Vineyard.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

runktrun and DtD would have better information on Martha's Vineyard (and Falmouth which is on the Cape side of the MV ferry), but in general after Labor Day and up to Columbus Day is considered by many (including me) to be the finest weather in this area. A lot of the tourists have gone home with the kids back in school so the beaches are less crowded and cooler.

The days are still warm and clear without the August humidity (nights are getting cooler) and traffic is much lighter. Shops and nurseries are still open to cater to the tourists that know to come at that time. I know some New Yorkers who for years have made an annual trip to the Cape in mid-September.

Of course, this is also hurricane season, but that's not usually a problem and the advance hurricane forecasts are reliable (they track the storms starting when they're just a mere breeze off the coast of Africa).


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runktrun(z7a MA)

I agree with Claire September is a beautiful time on the Cape and Islands. If you do visit the Vineyard we have a bus system that runs throughout the island on the main roads and will stop anywhere you ask. If buses are not your thing our the down island towns have a good network of bike paths. If your coming for a long visit I would suggest you bring your car (then of course you can bring home a car full of plants).
I of course am bias but our nurseries are varied and interesting BUT regardless of the fact it is the end of the season don't expect to find any sales!!
Feel free to email me with any questions and of course if your desperate to kill sometime and would like to wonder around my weed patch of a yard you are of course welcome although I may not be available to give you a proper tour. kt

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

Runktrun, do you happen to know Jack O'Callaghan? I know there are probably a lot of people there but I figured I would ask. He was a neighbor of ours back growing up and I imagine moved there in the 70's. Thanks for the invite, that's very nice of you!!!! I am waiting for my partner to give us the go ahead. Are there are reasonable places to stay, say around $170 or so per night? We even like B & B's. Thanks, Richie

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Crocker Nursery in Brewster is the best nursery for larger shrubs and trees. They are a bit more expensive than Country Garden but will be worth the trip.

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