Any Ideas to Spruce up this Area? PICS

houstworksJune 16, 2009

It's up near the house

so it would be nice if it looked better

than this.

There is driveway with rocks and small stones

I'd be nice if it was something other than grass.

Right after the posts there is a 5-6' drop.

Ignore the teenagers extension cord

and the pallets.

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Shrubs would be pretty, but think about whether you need this area to pile snow in the winter. If so, then you'd need either perennials that die back in the winter, or something pretty flat and non-brittle like rug junipers.

You might also think about some kind of edging to mark the edge between gravel driveway and planting area. Bricks, cobblestones, something like that would look pretty.

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Lovesummer- Yup we need to push the snow over the edge.
I was thinking about something low growing that we could walk on.

But I forgot about how that may be a problem
when the snowplow comes.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Expanding on lovesummer's excellent suggestion for edging, how about making a several foot wide edge of bricks, cobblestones, etc? Something flush with the driveway so that the snowplow won't uproot it. If the joints are filled with sand or stone dust, rather than mortar, the edging would blend in nicely with the driveway.


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If deers are not the problem in your area, 2 or 3 hydrangeas paniculata in tree form planted in a row (with enough spacing to push snow over the edge between them) should work.
If deers are present, the same idea could be implemented by planting a row of salix 'Hakuro-Nishiki' in tree form.

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I love Hakuro Nishiki... it's such an adaptable shrub in it's water/sun requirements and can be trained in so many forms and sizes. A Butterfly Bush (Pink Delight is wonderful in habit and bloom size) would be a nice addition too. Since most people cut them back to about a foot in spring, you wouldn't have to worry about snow harming it.

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IF anyone has any links to any photos of landscape ideas I'd love it.

ego45-- We haven't had deer eat anything so far.
I did see some very small deer prints on the driveway last weekend though. Our dog wouldn't allow the deer to stay though.

The snow plow won't allow me to put bushes there.

Maybe some of the steppables would work.
Any ideas on which steppables?

Claire-- I'll think about the brick - cobblestone idea. I've been learning hypertufa lately too so it's on my mind. I'd probably have to go with something to last a long time like you are suggesting over the hypertufa.

Jant and ego45-- I haven't heard of Hakuro Nishiki.
So I will look at it possibly for another spot close by.
Same with Butterfly bush.

Thanks everyone!

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