What are ornamental squash?

kaali_maaliApril 23, 2009

I am first time gardener with no experience, and any person to help or seek information from!

When I was looking to buy seeds, my 4 year old added one or two. I did not take it out as it would lose her interest in the gardening adventure. The seeds that she selected one of them was ornamental squash. I planted them in the hillock as recommended in the instructions.

My question is what are ornamental squash? Are they edible? In my native country, we also eat tender pumpkin stems. This also promotes more branching and more bushy plant. I have no idea about ornamental squash! Can anybody help me?

I planted them in April 17th, thinking its middle of April.

Also living in zone 5, did I plant it too early... frost may be still lurking around to destroy my gladilus, tuberose, canna, one very colorful leafy bulb(do not know its name).... pumpkins, goldmohar etc. Should I take them out of soil and take them in?

Thanks for reading.

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You are probably talking about gourds, which are not edible, however they can be dried and used as birdhouses, etc.
Regarding whether or not you planted them too early, I'm no authority on Zone 5 conditions, here in Zone 3 it's much too early.
Maybe someone from Zone 5 will answer your question.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

We in Zone 5 will soon reach our frost free date - May 6. It is usually recommended that squash (summer, winter, ornamental) be sown outdoors after all risk of frost is past and the earth has warmed up. You may be able to get away with planting them now this year, as it has been quite warm, but I usually wait until the end of May to plant them. If they don't sprout you can always plant more - I think they mature in 45 - 50 days.

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Many of them sprouted very early till yesterday.... they are coming. Patience works. Thanks.

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