Uh oh...too cold!

PrairieClover(3a)April 24, 2006

With all the great weather we have been having I thought I would harden off some of my seedlings. I had them in our front porch which I thought would be warm enough even with the low of 1 degree (about 34F), but I guess it wasn't. Some of the plants are clearly lost, however some only look slightly wilted. Is there anything I can do to bring them back? The ones that might be able to be saved are some morning glories-cardinal climber, and some torenia.

Thanks for the help, PrairieClover

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Hope my daffodils survive the snow and cold we had last night...

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Not sure what you can do about damaged plants, other than the usual care, but perhaps don't be too quick to 'toss' them out, some of the damaged branches may produce new leaves.

Fortunately we were spared the snow (though did have an occasional 'spec' of snow fall) but tonight it's going below freezing so it will be interesting to see if any of the trees can survive frost (most are starting to leaf out).

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