Vegetable Garden pictures 6-11-10 Massachusetts

stack316(6)June 19, 2010

Hope you enjoy my pictures

any suggestions - i need to tame the tomatoes







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Looks like everything is growing well!

For tomatoes, we've done several things. My DH used to keep them trimmed to one stem which he would tie with soft fabric (old nylons are great) to 6-7 ft posts (just saplings, trimmed back to the trunk) that he had pounded a foot or so into the ground. Regular tomato cages only work for short determinate tomatoes, like Romas & yours look too big already for them. I've tried those spiral stakes, but they aren't big enough and the plants need trimming to one stem. I don't like handling tomato plants since they make me itch, so since DH stopped doing much garden work anything that requires tying up or trimming doesn't really work for me. I've been using really tall ones made of large wire mesh that the tomatoes can grow up within, but my hands can fit between the mesh for harvesting or removal of the occasional tomato hornworm. Something like the steel mesh that they use in concrete would make really stout ones, but might need to be held upright by stakes of some kind sunk into the ground.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Nice looking garden. I would tend to agree that the tomato cages you have now are too small. Babs has a good idea for a cage. I haven't even staked mine yet, so I have to get busy. I usually stake mine and if I can, I cage it to, so I don't have to prune them. My vegetable garden is prominent in the garden, so I am going to try making cages from bamboo this year. Nothing elaborate, just 8ft tall poles tied together with short cross pieces and string. I haven't tried it yet, so I'll have to get back to you, next year. [g]

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Your strawberry area makes me jealous! I blog my pictures - I haven't updated in about a month...I have to do some weeding and a little seeding tomorrow and I'll probably have an update then:

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