Recent Signs of Spring

Okiedawn OK Zone 7February 7, 2012

It is pretty cold, cloudy and chilly here today, but you wouldn't know it by driving through our neighborhood in south-central OK. Here's what I noticed yesterday and today:

Yarrow is blooming in our pasture. It is only one early bird plant so far, but it sure is early for this.

Forsythia is blooming

More trees are leafing out

Henbit has been in bloom since December, it was joined in January by Spring Beauties and a few wild garlic/onion plants and this week the chickweed started blooming.

Various trees are leafing out. However, I don't mean to imply a whole lot of trees are leafing out. It is just a random tree here and there, but I can't help thinking frost will nip back their tender foliage.

The water lilies in the lily pond have new leaves emerging.

Everyone's yards are greening up, but I believe it is mostly winter grasses like rye and poa annua and also cool-season weeds and wildflowers. However, I saw some green bermuda grass in our own yard yesterday. I am not sure I've ever seen any bermuda grass green up this early, and I expect a cold night or two will brown it out again.

Tim saw a large flock of migrating geese on a pond near our house yesterday. That's the first geese we've ever seen on that pond.

Is anyone else seeing new signs of the approaching spring?


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Not really here. My clover did green up a bit last week after the rain and warm temps.

The forecast here has changed. It looks like temps will be below average for the next week. That is a good thing IMO.

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Yes :~) My hyacinths' (south-facing) leaves are up about 3 inches...and the tulip tips are just showing. Haven't seen the crocus yet, though....I think they're under my massive Laura Bush petunia plant!!


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Yes, Dawn, things are waaaayyyyyyy too early this year, and I am afraid there will be setbacks for these early arrivals.

Henbit has been blooming for some time now as well as Creeping Speedwell (tiny blue flowers). Grape Hyacinths are growing quickly, but yet to flower. Daffodils in my daughter's yard has bloom stalks. Some Dandelions are blooming, but not a lot yet. As you mentioned the wild onions are growing, but I'm not sure they ever died back since fall.

My daughter's holly bushes are putting out tons of new growth, as is her Catnip.

At my house, the Mullein is growing and reflecting a nice, but odd, contrast with the dead foliage of other plants around it. Catnip in my yard is putting up new basal growth. Mountain Mint is throwing up new growth from the rhizomes. Fennel, both green and bronze, has been pretty all winter. In warm winters like this, it doesn't die back, but shows its love for the cool, but not freezing, temps.

My Oregano is still green. This is a new herb for me, so I don't know if this is customary for it or not.

I haven't noticed the Forsythia blooming yet around here, but there could be some and I just haven't seen it.

Butterfly bushes are putting out new growth, while some of the foliage has remained evergreen this winter. Iris foliage is growing as well.

Yeah, it's kinda scary, but on the other hand, the forecasters are predicting early spring this year. Let's just hope we get a lot of moisture along with it.


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The neighbors have sprayed their lawns green! LOL

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Scott, Our temperatures are right back to 'normal' for this time of year, but after so many days in the 60s and 70s, and plenty of nights in the 50s and some in the 60s as well, the genie is already out of the bottle down here.

I love seeing the signs of spring, but would rather see them at a more typical time. It is too early for much of what we are seeing down here.

Whenever we have signs of an early warm-up, it seems like it always sleets or snows around Easter. Just because it warms up early doesn't mean it stays warm.

Sharon, Daffodil, tulip and iris foliage are up here around where we live, and hyacinth, iris and allium foliage is up on our property. I just saw some crocuses up and about to bloom in town on Monday.

I have Laura Bush seedlings popping up everywhere, and some of the chamomile plants are forming flowers.

I'm sure happy to see the flowers, but still feel like it is too early.

From now on we can use your massive Laura Bush plant as an example of how adaptable and tough these petunias are! I just love them.


It sounds like a lot is going on at your place.

Our catnip has stayed green and growing all winter this year, but at the present time it is just tiny rosettes down close to the ground because the cats have stomped on it, rolled on it, crushed it, etc. and I just pruned off all the flattened stems. The cats love it so much that it is a wonder they don't kill it with all that love.

I forgot about the creeping speedwell. It is blooming in the front yard. I forgot to mention that the crinums are putting up new growth, and I'm seeing hints of green in the remaining brown foliage of the cannas.

I can't help wondering if it all will be buried under snow in a month or more?

Twice last week, I had what looked like Purple Martin scouts sitting on top of the Martin houses, but by the time I got outside to see if that's what they were, they'd flown away. It would be awfully early here for them, but I know they were seen in Fort Worth last week, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

One good thing I can say about this year is that so far our rainfall has been great at our house. I think Love County has had about 4 inches of rain so far, but at our house we've had almost 6" in the last few weeks, and we have water standing everywhere. I hope y'all soon are blessed with more rain up there, and I wouldn't mind if we go a couple of weeks without rain here, just so the garden can dry out enough for planting.


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I had to go out and check on my forsythias after you mentioned they were blooming where you are. They have buds at this point, but they don't look like they'll bloom for awhile yet. All the other trees and shrubs have buds now, too, but nothing is leafing out or flowering. The lawn weeds are greening up, though, and one of my neighbors has a sea of purple flowers in their yard. I don't know my weeds all that well, but it looks kinda like henbit.

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So far I have seen forsythias and hyacinths in bloom, and a neighbor today told me they have begonias in bloom. It seems nature is mixed up this year. James

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A couple hundred or more daffodil stems are fully open, several dozen crocus, and hyacinth blooms showing in the center of the plants but not open yet. Henbit and speedwell blooming here too. Forsythia has scattered blooms open as does the flowering quince. An arugula plant is blooming in a flowerbed. Last week the frogs were singing in the pond for a coule evenings, but have stopped now.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

tiny daffodil colored narcissus are blooming, wind flowers. Everything is pushing out of the ground. I have larkspur, and poppies galore. I think every seed that has been dropped and un sprouted has germinated. I am a weeding fool. My winter garden has shown signs of bolting.

The birds are going NUTS and I am working in my bare feet.

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Pallida(Zone 7b)

Micro-climates. You have Forsythia blooming, I have only buds, yet, north in OKC area, more blooming. Seeing as how, I am, approximately, 60 miles north of you, and OKC is, aporoximately, 70 miles north of me, think I am in middle. Gotta be micro-climate in OKC or an early-blooming variety of Forsythia. As I said, Forsythia budding; Hyacinths poking noses through soil; few green leaves struggling through old foliage of Daylilies; Gaillardia never did die completely back; Cacti and Succulents doing well (have lost two or three to rot, with rain); Sedum Autumn Joy putting out new little shoots. Holding breath, because rabbits love succulent-type foliage, I've discovered. Possible snow Sunday. Nooooooo. I KNEW Winter wasn't over!


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I've got daff leaves about 6" high. My oregano, thyme, sage, feverfew, & rosemary are stil green. My mint never died off, but the leaves are this interesting burgundy color. The grass is brown but growing, the other day I noticed it was up past my dog's chest in areas (small poodle, but still that's high for winter). It's just a little too chilly by the time I get home, plus I only have a few minutes daylight, so the weeds are taking over my front bed. I know it's bad for gardening, but after last winter I don't care if it stays like this until April.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Today we have blooms open on the 'Pink Lemonade' Honeysuckle. The plant has more flowers than leaves at this point. Every time a few leaves come out on the plant, we drop into the 20s at night and the leaves wither and drop. We're in a cold microclimate, so I am surprised to see the honeysuckle blooming already.

At the present time, the NWS isn't saying the snow will come this far south, and I am glad. I'm in a spring frame of mind and not a winter one.

If it snows, it snows, and it is all good because precipitation is needed pretty much everywhere in the sate, no matter what form of precip we get. I don't have anything growing outdoors that is not somewhat cold-hardy.

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Looks like we are in for a cold spell coming our way this arctic blast they're calling it. That's gonna nip a lot of buds and new growth. Ah,well.....soon, very soon perhaps?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I am hoping the cold spell slows down the imminent blossoming of the plum trees. Well, they'll still likely bloom too early anyway, but maybe a few days later than they would have if they weather hadn't turned colder.

I hope that the early spring does happen, but I am sure winter isn't through with us yet.

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