Help! Slugs eat my strawberries!

natalija_gardenerJune 6, 2009

I am a new gardener and got my first harvest of strawberries. But the biggest and ripest ones got eaten by slugs and some by ants.

Can you,expierienced gardeners, please recommend the fastest way to get rid of them both?

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Slugs are hard to deal with.YOU may wish to visit the topic below, as it has lots of good ideas
"Copper foil versus slugs"

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Home Depot has big $25 boxes of non-toxic slug bait. Use liberally. Dissolves after rain. But kills slugs.

Get a cave / camping headlamp, set your alarm, wear nursing gloves and go night-picking. Use a large plastic-bag lined pitcher, triple-bag and tie off tightly and deposit in garbage outside. It will stink. But persistence will get rid of slugs.

Beer and copper have not worked in this yard. But last year, with millions of slugs (swamp), a possum started visiting and devoured the slugs. No slugs for months! What a Godsend. Praying the possum comes back.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

This cool wet weather is excellent for slug hunting, they are out in the daylight, and also most evenings. I just take a knife and hack them to bits. They don't regenerate from pieces like earthworms, they are molluscs.

Also when strawberries are fruiting I go look among the plants and frequently find them and cut them up. If I do this diligently I get most of them. I found a lot of the tiny little ones yesterday, they really made a lot of holes in my bean leaves for their size, voracious appetites.

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bluesunflower(WA 7)

Oh those dirty rats! I hate the little blighters. One slug will lay 1,000 eggs. That's a lot of baby slugs. Use slug bait, Sluggo pellets work very well. You probably don't want to put that into your strawberries so put it on a paper plate, plastic lid or something. The slugs will find it. Next do go slug hunting, morning before the sun hits your beds or dusk when it cools off. Put some salt in a baggie and sprinkle just a bit onto the slugs you find. This will kill them instantly. No slug babies. Next you can look for slug eggs. They will be under rocks, brick, bark etc. Anywhere they can be cool moist and shady during the day. They will look like little bits of tapioca pudding. Tiny translucent beads all grouped together. Toss on the salt. No slug babies.

This is a hassle, you have to be persistent and consistent. It is however worth it. If you can get the slug population down and under control you can bait farther away from your beds and not have nearly the problem in the future.

Good luck fighting the good fight.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Sluggo is safe for pets and wildlife. :) cutting them up is satisfies my emotions towards them though....

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Thanks to everyone for help!
I will try to do as you said. By the way where to buy Sluggo cheap?
On-line it cost 17.00,but with shipping is 35$:-(
BTW I tried to give them a beer party, and it helped - next morning I found many of them dead. I did as one book said - buy a foreign beer, they seem like it more:-))

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novita(SWB.C. z8)

I have given up trying to get rid of the slugs. Here's what I did with some strawberries. I planted them in 2 gallon containers, put the containers on an old picnic table in the sun - no slugs!. They are starting to get ripe so I put netting over them to protect from birds. The only drawback is they are probably going to outgrow the pots.

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