ryan2900April 7, 2006

I have some beutiful english ivy in various parts of my property. There is one small section of it in a bed on the side of my house that I'd like to remove. Currently there are no shrubs there and I'd like to plant some to improve drainage and the view. Removing the ivy has been an endless chore and although musch is gone it is still impossible to get a shovel through. Does anyone have suggestion? I'd prefer something orgainic if possible since we have dogs.

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You could try smothering it, either with layers of newpaper, or with landscaping fabric. Weight it down at the corners, engage you patience. I am not sure how long it might take - maybe a couple of months??

Good Luck.

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vrie(3/4 MT)

Bless you and I wish you luck. I had ivy in Nevada. I will list what didn't work. These attempts were after the first surgery of sawing down the 8-10 ft vines in a 1ft by 5 ft (fortunately well bordered) strip

Three weekly drenching of Total Vegetation killer followed by:
Layers of rock on top of newspaper
Black fabric- both newspapers and fabric were considered LUNCH!
Soaking the leaves in motor oil (we were getting a bit frustrated at this point-- i mean buckets of oil with STALKS sitting in them for a week!)
Digging was mixed in at many times, when we were fortunat enough to see the ground

Eventually we sold the house and moved to a place with seasons so I'm afraid that I never did find a good way to kill it

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