Orange and blue plants for afternoon sun garden?

jlc102482(6)April 15, 2010

Hi, everyone! I'm new to gardening and new to the forum, so I thought I'd start here. I'm in zone 6 and would like to establish a garden in the front yard of my home. Ideally, I'd really love to do an orange and blue color scheme. However, the area I plan to put the garden in gets only afternoon sun, from about 2:00 PM until the sun sets. Right now, the only stuff growing there are 5x7 foot evergreen hedges (yew, I believe) and some grubby, yellow grass. The hedges are coming out ASAP, so there won't be any competition or shade from them.

I'm not sure which plants to look for that will do well in afternoon sun-only conditions, especially orange and blue ones. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I grow both Clustered Bellflower and Jacobs Ladder in afternoon sun, both do very well for me. The JL is a nice 'true blue' and I also like the foliage. Since it only flowers early to mid June here, the nice foliage helps. The Clustered Bellflower is a deeper blue here in my clay soil. In my other garden, in good loam, (before we moved) it was sky blue. I really don't have too many orange flowers except for wallflower. It is beside the JL and it seems to like it there. I also have some poppies that are orangs/scarlet in colour and they do well in afternoon sun.

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

If you want quick colour with annuals, California poppies and California Bluebells
would work there.

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I have some orange Trollius growing on my west side that only get afternoon sun. They are very pretty and have an interesting flower. They bloom quite a long time.
I searched Google Image for orange Trollius (there are also yellow ones)and came up with nice pictures. I am not sure how to show them to you. Here is the result of a right click copy image location.

None of those pictures are mine, just some from a Google search.

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How about orange daylilies, deciduous azalea "Gibralter",
coneflowers, peach or orange hollyhocks. For blues, balloon flower, "Johnson Blue" geranium, clematis "Jacquemontii". Add in some bluish purples like Brazilian verbena, and dark foliage like cimicifuga (bugbane), and orange foliage like Spirea "Magic Carpet".
There are some nice bluish grasses as well. Have fun, ask at nurseries.

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Black and Blue Salvia adds a lot of interest to the garden ... disease and pest resistant and a very easy keeper. It is an annual in my area, but I think it might be a perennial in a zone 6. For orange flowers, maybe a honeysuckle vine on a fun arbor, windmill or similar structure.

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squirejohn zone4 VT

Siberian iris "super ego" is a nice shade of blue and the foliage looks good after blooming. Mine does well with morning sun - haven't tried it in PM sun.

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Agapanthus campanulata and its hybrids are definitely worth a try in Zone 6. Mine do spectacularly well and have the most beautiful blue flowers in July. They are a lot smaller than the type that is hardy only in California type climates, but otherwise look the same. The only special winter care I give them is to cut down the foliage in the fall, throw a thick piece of styrofoam board about 18" square over the top of each clump, and then mulch with about 8 to 12 inches of leaves. Remove in late April and they pop right up.

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