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anna_lisa(Quebec)April 1, 2006

Hi I'am looking for a garden buddy in Montreal Quebec to share plants with and talk about them. I have 4 neons in the basement and lots of plants growing. I know i will have to many of them also like to share pictures Anna lisa

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Hi Anna lisa
we are in Zone 4 , in the Laurentians and as we finally figured out , which plants we can grow in Quebec, we dare to send you a few pictures....

I'm intrigued by the picture # 2257..what is the beautiful plant called ??
And do you know if can grow any kind of Poppies here ??
I had some from seeds (I think they came from Russia) somebody gave it to us, but after all the digging we did, now we don't see any of them.

If you are in the Montreal Area, I'm certain you are waiting for this little friends too.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Our flowers in 2005

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Hi I' am not sure you can grow poppy here. I looked at the pictures and your place is really beatiful. The best is plant the seeds and if they grow great. I know our winters are very hard. I have many flowers alot of them are bulbs cally lily ,dahlias and canna and they do well here. This is my e mail address if you want to chat about garden in Quebec bye for now Anna lisa

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