Naylor Creek 2013 Catalog up on HL Auction

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)September 30, 2012

I was taking a look at the HL Auction spot to see what might be for sale this late in the season.

Spotted on the list for NC is their 2013 catalog in PDF format, available for download. No charge, of course. They loaded it there while the website is being reworked and the new catalog plugged in for viewing there.

I noticed there are quite a few new offerings next year. When I can, I'll be looking them up in the HLibrary just to see what picture goes with the names.

I think folks here know the way to get to the location, but in case some searchers click on this post, I'll put the familiar link to the HL below.

The hosta I have from the Naylor Boyz are some of my favorites, and doing well.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Babka NorCal 9b

Thanks for the heads up. I took a quick look at what is new for 2013 and I'm pleased to see that they are bringing back some of the older ones that were so reliable from awhile back. However, if you have ordered from them in the past, they will send you a paper copy of the catalog, (which I prefer) to pore over while sitting in my lounge chair on a cold Winter's night, scribbling little notes next to the ones that look promising to me. I like to flip pages back and forth.

It is difficult to think about getting more new ones, when I'm trying to figure out how to manage the ones I have, but that "Just a couple more" longing will probably kick in sometime in December.


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Great people to deal with, excellent service and they have very nice plants and many new introductions all the time. The offerings on the auction are said to be larger than their normal stock, but I feel that ordering direct from their website will be the route I will go in the future.


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I apologize for making a separate second thread on this subject, But it took ten minutes for this one to show up in the forum, and I thought maybe I'd deleted it....duh.....
so sorry.

Yes, I should get my first Naylor print catalog, which this PDF file is probably it in electronic form. You see, I was not ordering hosta when the 2012 cat came out, so I did not know they had a print catalog. tsk tsk and learn.

In that second thread, I mention the addition of Bridal Falls to their repertoire. Babka, if they are offering some oldies and goodies, then I'll be paying attention, and perhaps getting ready for spring with the print catalog same as you.

Never doubt that Bridal Falls is at the TOP of my list for next year, even if the list is a short one.

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wonder if they will send out their print catalog this year?I like to carry it along with me and drool over it when I have to wait somewhere or we are on the road.


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