Betty/Jane Magnolia

dcurry1223April 15, 2012

My house faces south and I really would like a Magnolia in my front entrance gardens as a focal point. The only place in my front bed that can be expanded to accommodate a magnolia's width is if I expand out my bed on the left side of my porch (to extend outwards towards the road). I was told that the Magnolia are best suited for northern or eastern exposure when along a house- to avoid early bloom and die off from frost. If I place in my front beds, this would be southern exposure..I was looking at the Jane or Betty Magnolia (hybrids) which I believe would have enough room to grow. I heard the Jane blooms late and is hard, also is a slow grower (can be pruned like a tree). Does anyone have any experience with these Magnolias, have it facing south, or as a focal point in a front bed, along house? I know they need to be protected also from wind exposure. I planned to keep it 8-10' from the house in the middle of the bed extension, allowing additional room in front. Any ideas also for under planting- create shade? Will this tree have nice foliage until fall when all when the leaves drop? Thanks in advance.

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We have a Jane at the NW corner of our home. This will be the third growing season since I planted it. It's mostly shaded in the morning with some afternoon sun. It's also well exposed to the winds and does just fine.

We are in Lansing, MI and ours blooms around mothers day, which is late enough to avoid the late spring frosts. Although this spring we had March temps in the 80's which forced it to flower and leaf out early. A couple weeks later we were hit with a few nights with temps in the 20's. The leafs are a bit chewed up from the freeze, but it otherwise looked like it bounced back just fine. So I'd say it's pretty hardy.

The foliage is nice and thick; turns yellow in the fall. The bark is smooth and gray, and looks nice in the winter months. It looks great in all seasons. I keep mine in its natural form which is shrub like with branches near the ground. I had a few hostas planted in front of the magnolia, but I thought it looked better on its own and end up moving the hostas.

I purchased my Jane from a local nursery in the fall when trees were 50% off. Luckily there were still a couple to choose from. I planted it that fall and it came out growing like a champ the next spring. If interested, I can post a few pics.

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We planted four Jane early this spring. The two that get morning sun suffered badly during a late freeze. I have moved the worst one to a more sheltered location. I suggest you avoid early morning sun.

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Hi All_ Thanks so much for the input. It sounds like the Magnolia does well in the northwest side and that some of the warnings are accurate. I may rethink the location, put it in the backyard and put something else in there.

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