These bugs love chives!

sachapp464June 30, 2006

My container garden is thriving with all the rain we've had. Except for my chives! I've got some chives in a large pot with some parsley and the chives are completely covered with tiny black bugs. At first I thought they were spiders but they've only got 6 legs. Round & easily squished. They squish to a purple color. I was really hoping to eat my chives so I'm hesitant to spray. Hosing off does nothing - they come right back. I've transplanted several ladybugs to my chive patch and they don't make a dent. Also, these bugs are completely uninterested in the parsley (!) and I don't see them on anything else (got some tomatoes, pepper, cukes, beans, sunflowers & a bunch of other stuff). I would think if they were aphids, they'd be all over everything? Any suggestions on what these guys are and how to deal with them would be appreciated!


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Wow, never heard of such a thing attacking chives. I always thought they were pest-free.

Maybe you should post your question on the integrated pest management forum (I think they might talk about organic solutions).

Good luck. I can relate to your disappointment. Chives are sure yummy to put in lots of foods.

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