Succession Gardening and Angst

leava(z7OK)February 2, 2011

thank you to dawn and others who have mentioned this and i sort of get it and plan to try it.but i realized why it gave me a panic attack when i tried to figure it out before.i would be fine getting little seedlings ready to plop into empty spaces where certain crops have finished up.but once you factor in trying to rotate AND companion plants it seems very complicated.I planted a lot of tomatoes and peppers last 2 years.they took up most of my space in two they are both in solanaceous family,right? well my other bed is strawberries and had garlic.and other bed had squash.and had other plants here and there like eggplant,onions,greens.

well trying to think succession,rotation and companion is blowing all my fuses,my brain is too challenged.

not to mention i hate killing all the little volunteer plants which will determinedly pop up in wrong places.i am the worst thinner ever was.

garden angst is growing


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Lol! Last year I made several gardens on graph paper. I planned the spring garden, planned the summer garden, then compared the two and made adjustments. It was complicated but fun.

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Eggplant and potatos are also in the Solanaceae family as well.

I've always read that plants of one family shouldn't be planted close to others in the same family because they share common diseases and pests. But, that could be an old wive's tale.

Leava, I am with you on thinning out seedlings, LOL!


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I plant my garden with the plant families together--potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes in one section, broccoli and cabbage in another. That way it simplifies rotation, like plants rotate together. I have a four year rotation for everything except corn. Almost half the garden is corn every year, so it just goes back and forth on a two year rotation. And last year meal corn followed broccoli and cabbage so that ruined the corn rotation. I didn't want to wait for spring corn to mature to plant the meal corn in those beds, just waited for it to quit tasseling so the two wouldn't cross.

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