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fumanchuApril 13, 2013

Hi -I've just joined. I'm at 1000ft on open moors in Scotland. When I follow normal UK gardening advice - which is mainly for south east England -then I lose all my plants.. so thought I'd come in here where people might understand my weather better. :)
I'm looking for some fast growing climbers to cover a fence. I know Honeysuckle is ok - but what else might do?

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I like Virginia Creeper. It doesn't flower but has awesome fall color. It can become invasive if you let it. I've never grown it but some people grow Bittersweet.

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Ok thankyou - and is that fully hardy, yes? Ok with wind?

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I have a different variety and it's very wind tolerant and drought tolerant. Mine are planted in an area where they can be left to take over.

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Yes, these species should be hardy in your area. Keep in mind that your daily minima are quite high for your latitutde; you are really in the equivalent of USDA hardiness zones 6 or 7. Conversely, I'm at or close to your latitude but 'enjoy' a hardiness zone of 2b with yearly temperature minima around -40C.

Low summer temps and less sunshine may be more of a limiting factor for you. In addition to the plants already named here, you could consider hops, which thrive in Yellowknife (well to the north and in USDA hardiness zone 1a/0b).

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I know there's huge differences in climate - even though I'm on lat 56N and 1000ft up, we have the Gulf Stream etc. But yes, the main prob is lack of warm sunshine. Winters lately have been down to -20C and summer is rarely above 21C. TY for all help.

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