ot solar cooking work out for anybody?

merrybookwyrmFebruary 2, 2013

Put this off topic posting up, because I remembered at least two people on the list are, were going to, or have experimented with solar cooking.

The only plant thing I've been able to do for two-three months now is graciously ask my helpers to try and keep existing plants alive. Long story short.

Thank you for your wonderful discussions.

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Back in the 80's, in Kenya, I sometimes volunteered with the Kenya Volunteer Development Association. Helping to build schools, solar cookers, & other stuff too. Mainly, I spoke the best Kiswahili, having learned it down in Tanzania, so I was drug along by my friend to help.

After demonstrating how to build/insulate & use a solar cooker; the brand newly built solar cooker was always given to the village or district head that was present as a gift. Only to be promptly put under their bed & NEVER used. It would be proudly drug out to show off to us upon our return. As the villages continued to denude the forests burning wood into charcoal for cooking fuel. *go figure*

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That sounds about right! Thank you, Waurika. In the same vein, some day I'll get my solar cooker setup out onto the back patio and see what happens. I've got the pieces for the mylar car shade, plastic cooking bag, and dark pot set up.

Good planting and pleasing harvest to everyone.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I think it was Chandra who was interested in trying solar cooking either last year or the year before, though I do not remember if he ever tried it. He is in the middle of changing jobs and moving to a new country, and we're sure going to miss him here.


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Chandra was thinking about buying one but I think we all convinced him that he could build his own for a lot less money. I don't know if he has built it yet, but his new home might be a good place to try it.

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