Juniper... good long term investment?

l_mtlApril 13, 2008


I'm considering buying two Wichita blue junipers (as tall as I can) to use as a screen.

I am now concerned however because many people on the Conifer forum say that this type of juniper does not do well in the long run. They are attacked by some sort of fungus. So, while they are very nice in the first years, they may become all brown in 7 to 10 years. I would be devastated to wait for them to become a good screen and then, have to throw them away.

These people however also say that it all depends on the individual climate. So, does anyone on this norther forum have blue juniper that are going strong after many years? I'm in Montreal.

Thanks for any info,


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Pudge 2b

I have a Medora juniper about 10 years old now. Have never had any problems with it at all.

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I grow mountbatten in zone 4b and some kind of a gold spreading one, as well as mint julep - they are fabulous, a beautiful investment. mountbatten in a columnar juniper that gets fairly wide as well, and is a nice blue green. They can be planted about 6 feet apart and eventually you'll get a nice
informal hedge out of them. Wichita blue for my taste is too severely narrow, too blue, i prefer the blue green of the mountbatten.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I'm not sure which specific fungus they referred to, but Wichita Blue (Juniperus scopulorum)can serve as an alternate host for cedar apple rust. So if any type of apple tree, including crabapple, is around it won't fair well for the apple trees.


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