Weeping Cherries

sabregirl(Z5 MI)April 25, 2008

Back when I was at pike high school (many years ago now) in Indianapolis, they had an incredibly gorgeous group of weeping cherries right out front of the incredibly ugly building. Unfortunately a few years before I graduated the high school was remodeled and the trees cut down. Now these were not like the weeping cherries you buy today with high grafts which look like lollipops with weeping branches stuck on. They look cute when they are little but when they get big they frequently look hideously unnatural and ungraceful. (Not to mention the annoying suckers that come up from below the graft union.)


The trees I remember were mature trees a good 25-30 feet tall which branched right at the base. Something like mixture of these trees but more beautiful than any . .well memory can play tricks on you that way ^_^.





Has ANYONE ever seen a small NON-grafted weeping cherry, like this one:


for sale anywhere? I've looked for years and managed to find only a white weeping cherry that was not grafted. (The above site appears to only sell their trees as complete planters for $400 . . . . O_O )

Otherwise I'm going to be stuck trying to grow and train my own . . . and I'm not that young anymore!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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sabregirl(Z5 MI)

Okay, after more searching I finally found some wholesale companies that offer own root, pink flowered weeping cherries. Now, whether I can find a retailer anywhere remotely close to my area remains to be seen.


Here is a link that might be useful: Odom Nursery Co.

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