ID: Shrub with red leaves

rockandrollerApril 22, 2012

We have dozens of these growing in a patch of the back yard. They all seem to have kept their leaves over the winter, and look to have tiny little growing tips now. Leaves are mostly red now, about 2 inches long...

We're wondering WHAT THEY ARE, and if we should prune these or just leave them alone??

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It appears to possibly be some kind of azalea. Does the NB mean "New Brunswick"? I think there are some wild Rhododendron (Azalea) species that would grow that far north.

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I also think it could be a rhododendron. They grow in my area very well and yes they keep their leaves on during the winter,There are many varieties that you can buy that are suited to here. lois

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Yes, NB is New Brunswick.
Thanks for the tips, I've done some Googling and these do indeed appear to be rhodos - maybe the native Canadense variety, I'm not sure.

Leaves are pretty beat up after the winter, do you think we should prune these plants??

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Well, I tried to do some more research on this, and now I'm not sure. It seems that none of the native East Coast rhodies/azaleas are evergreen. But, maybe it's like some seedling peach trees I had last winter that actually kept green, live foliage near the ground all winter because it was so mild.

Anyway, whatever they are, I wouldn't prune them now, except to remove broken/dead branches. I would just let them go, maybe throw a little fertilizer on them, and see what they do.

Finally, from your three new photos, I'm not quite sure if the third one is the same thing, or something else entirely. Photo #3 looks almost like Wintergreen to me. But, it could just be what the original plant in question looks like without being so "toasted" by the winter, since the third one looks like its really low to the ground and may have been more sheltered.

Anyway, when they grow, if anything interesting pops out, especially if they bloom, please update the post so we can see what it looks like and maybe help pin this down further. Thanks.

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