Hot Pink(?) flowering strawberries

ponderpaul(7a)February 27, 2013

Boss man brought two flats of these in, dropped them and took off without giving any info. Are they new to you?

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Wow those are pretty! I found this (link below) with a google search. Might not be the exact variety though. There seemed to be mention of a few different kinds that flower pink like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walter's Garden - Fragarua 'Lipstick' strawberry plant

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Not new to me in terms of having seen them before, but I don't grow them.They have been around for several years now--probably 5 or 6 years.

Last year Wal-Mart had the pink flowering strawberries in the garden center in fairly large containers---probably gallon size or just a little smaller. I think the variety they had was called "Panda" or "Pink Panda".

This year, Park Seed has seed for a variety that has flowers in different shades of color (white, red, pink) on the same plant. I'll link it below. This is the first variety I've seen with flowers in multiple colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainbow Treasure Strawberry

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Just ordered my strawberries today. We have a big bed in the front yard and my wife loves strawberries so we are putting out 50 plants. I hope they do well. Any secrets I should know as a first-time grower?

I ordered from Park Seed. We ordered 25 each of Ft. Laramie and Surecrop.

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Looks like the Strawberry Lipstick in the link above. It's been incredible for us in a rarely-watered southwest exposed bed against a brick wall for added heat. It's not really designed for fruit and what fruit it did produce wasn't much to care about but it spreads, flowers, and stays green all summer long and into early winter. We have some others in a protected southern-exposed bed and it never went dormant over the winter.

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