Rating fruit for northern climates (zone 5ish)

reznil(5)April 13, 2014

Copying a format that was posted for the California forum, I want to see how people rate fruit, both standard and unusual fruit, that you can grow in colder climates (about zone 5). We can share info and find out what are some of the best fruits to grow in our climate.
One thing that makes fruit worth growing yourself is if it is something you cannot buy for a reasonable price. It might be that the fruit is ripened on the plant, giving it a flavor you cannot get in the store. Or it might be an unusual fruit that is not commercially grown.
Could you please rate the fruits below according to the following 3 point scale

First digit, how you like the fruit:

1=strongly disliked it
2=less than average
3=average/take it or leave it
4=enjoyed it/would eat it again
5=liked it/would seek it out

Then note if it was
P=prossessed another way

and last, overall ease of growing:
E = Easy
M = Medium
H = Hard

For example:
5FE Black Currant

Feel free to add more info, I know a 3-point scale cannot tell the whole story.

I will start with my experience so far:

4FM Raspberries/Blackberries
5FE Black Currant (warning: acquired taste!)
3FM Haskap (birds eat them, MUST be netted, otherwise easy)
4FM Blueberries
3FE Gooseberries
4FM Juneberry(slow growing)

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Sorry, have to split blackberries and raspberries into two distinct groups, as they require very different culture here (zone 3). What are Juneberries... are they saskatoons? If so, they ripen July in my climate, so Julyberries :)

Raspberries - 5FE

Blackberries - 5FH (blackberries need to be really soft to develop peak flavour and can't be shipped that way, so in my zone it's grow your own with serious winter protection, or buy the often sour, hard kinds available in stores).

Blackcurrants -- haven't tried enough to rate, currant worms are a big proboem here.

Haskap - 2FM - Too sour for my liking when I grew them myself, though I have had okay ones given to me. I ripped my plants out. I rated them M instead of E only because I had trouble getting a good fruit set.

Blueberries - 5FH -- I haven't actually grown them, but I do like them, and I rated them H because our soils here are naturally high pH, also for winter hardiness issues in zone 3.

Gooseberries -- 5FH -- I love fresh red gooseberries, but currant-worms are a huge issue here, thus the H rating. I grew them years ago but pulled them after total defoliation from currant worms. Thinking of trying them again but wrapping them from leaf-out to harvest.

Juneberries... if these are saskatoons, then 5FE.

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