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blheron(7 and 8)June 9, 2012

Ugh. The gardener's nightmare has hit my garden! What started as a "sweet dream" has overwhelmed me and I need help/suggestions to at least temporarily get me out of this bind.

I'm located on Hood Canal and only have one side of the house that gets sun for half the day (facing East). I have avoided roses even though they are my favorite flower. I've been trying to go with more perennials to add color and LIFE to the place. Viewing from the the water you would think we were in the desert--most homes have NO green. Until recently we were only part time residents and I didn't want to risk roses and their care. I have roses at my "other" home--my favorite flower.

Jackson Perkins had a huge end of season sale and I picked up 7 roses--I couldn't help myself at $4-$5 each. Now I can't figure out where to plant. I have raised beds that I have planted other things in and they do well. The roses arrived earlier than expected and yesterday I dug one of the beds out. It had a "False Indigo" in it (2 years) and had completely filled the box with roots. I had to sift out all the roots in yesterdays major downpour. The bed is 7' long by 30" wide by 12" deep. I'm really hoping I can plant at least 3 roses in it. The bottom is just landscape cloth. What a joke that was--I have tulips coming up from bulbs I must have missed! They had to grow THROUGH the cloth and 12" to break the surface. I'm hoping the roses will break through in the opposite direction.

My wonderful hubby is frantically making boxes for me to plant singles in and will put them on casters so I can move them on the small patio if need be. The first one he is making is 18"x18" (inside) and 19" deep. I'm afraid to go much larger as they will have to be moved around occasionally (not often, but for winter and cleaning the patio).

I'll list the roses by name at the end of this long post, but even though I know I shouldn't pack too many into a single container I have 2 roses I was hoping to put together. One is a Floribunda "Black Cherry" I'd like to plant in the same container with "Iceberg Floribunda." Can anyone tell me what is the safest, smallest size container I can use?

Of the others in the list below are there any I could "double up?" Hopefully next season I can move them into different locations but for now I'm a bit worried. I have had the roses soaking in water since Tues. I also have 2 other roses I ordered from "Direct Gardening before I knew about JP's sale. They are a DEFINATE 5 THUMBS DOWN Company. I wouldn't recommend ordering from them.

The roses I have soaking from JP:


Black Cherry


Monkey Business

Iceberg Floribunda

Brilliant Pink Iceberg, and a climber

Fourth of July

From DG (temporarily in small pots in soil):

Blue Moon

Fairy Pink Cushion

To add to the stress, I have to leave for a week sometime next week and need to get these taken care of. I know this is long, I apologize, but I'm in a frantic state.

Anything anyone can offer in the way of suggestions, container size, which two might be planted in a single container or performance on any of these roses would be SO welcomed right now. I have always had roses and I miss them. Now I have them and have no where to put them. Me BAD .

Thanks again for any suggestions for my stupid mistake, I just can't bare to part with them.


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Pull out the landscape fabric. The boxes sound big enough - for one rose in each. Take them out of the water, there is no benefit to soaking before planting.

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I take it you ordered bare root roses from J & P? You could probably heel them into the ground, just be fore to keep the soul somewhat moist so the canes don't dry out, until such time they are ready to be planted. Good luck!

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