Sargeant's crabapple or thornless hawthorn?

prism99April 27, 2006

I'm having trouble deciding. This would be to flank both sides of a fairly long driveway entrance. We are out in the country and it's pretty much prairie in that area.

According to the labels, the crabapples grow to about 10 feet tall and the hawthorn to 20 feet. Both spread about 20 feet.

Would it look strange to have a crabapple in front and a hawthorn behind -- on each side? Seems to me I would need 3 of something to look balanced, but I am really torn between the two trees and would like to somehow include both.

Any opinions appreciated.....

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I finally decided to put the hawthorns at the driveway entrance and plant the crabapples closer to the house as specimen plants.

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Good choice. I think the hawthorn flowers stink.

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