Baptisia - I think I goofed.

gavia_immer(z6 MA)April 30, 2005

Three years ago I planted a wild baptisia in a new garden bed (from a container - not seed). I thought the location was sunny half the day, but it turned out to be less. I got gorgeous shape and foliage the second year, but no blooms. Having not done any research on the plant, I tried to relocate it to a sunnier spot last fall. It died, of course. My questions are: Do baptisia require several years of growth before they bloom, and just how much sun do they need to bloom? I'm not sure which of these was my problem.

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Could be both, though our growing conditions are very different. Here they take about four years to bloom. I've never grown one in true full sun. That's premium territory.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Someone send me seeds this year and she said it could take three or four years to bloom, but that it was worth waiting for. I've winter-sown the seeds and have about four sprouts. I've heard they're spectacular in bloom - do you have one, Alta? I don't remember seeing pictures of it in your yard.

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They are like peonys long lived and therefor neeeds time
Taprooted, so they dont like transplanting
I have mine in full sun
The white form, baptisia pendula has black stems -its a beauty too

Here is a link that might be useful:

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gavia_immer(z6 MA)

Thanks for your responses. I guess I will have to try one again, but in a differnt spot this time. Mine was a Baptisia
Alba. Now I need something to put in it's place. The sight gets mostly morning sun until almost mid day. in the same bed I have two different kinds of bee balm (one blueish, one red, different bloom times) and some red astilbe. I open to suggestions.

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gavia_immer(z6 MA)

Will wonders never cease? Both sections of the plant I dug up and transplanted have made an appearence sometime in the last month. I am truly amazed. I know better now to leave well enough alone and wait for the blooms now and will enjoy the foliage until then.


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