Snow crocus are blooming...

mulberryknobFebruary 21, 2014

in my backyard today. The white and lavender ones always bloom first. In a week or two the big purple and gold ones should pop out.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Yay! I guess that makes it seem like spring?

I haven't even noticed that the daffodil foliage is up. I'll have to look for it the next time I walk down to the mailbox. That's about the only time I notice if the daffs are up.

We do have henbit and spring beauties blooming in the yard, and dandelions.....but I didn't plant any of those weeds/wildflowers and cannot take any credit for them being pretty and looking good long before anything else is up. I do have French hollyhocks popping up out of the ground, but they probably won't bloom until late March or early April. Any flower, even the ones that are weedy in nature, that are in bloom in February are a sight for sore eyes though, and the bees sure do find them fast when there's not much else happening.

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I have lots of daffodils up with buds showing and today as I walked to the mailbox I saw one lone daffodil bloomed out. It was one of the old fashioned small ones that bloom early. It's probably one of those I "planted" by laying them on the ground and dumping a bit of rotted chips over. I used to think that planting them so shallowly would make them easier to dig when it came time to divide them, but not so. They pull themselves down deeper into the rocks.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Y'all are ahead of us. Usually we have daffs up now and either in bloom or about to bloom, but the cold weather this year has held them back. I do have Iris foliage up about 4-6" and it has been up and growing since mid-January.

We still have had some really cold nights despite some warm days with highs in the 60s-70s and a high temp of 80 only a few days ago, with overnight lows of 22 and 25 in the last week so the Iris plants need to slow down and not get ahead of themselves since serious cold weather returns next week. Our weather has been all over the place this week, and the plants definitely have responded to the warm daytime temps. We have winter weeds bursting out of the ground and growing like mad. I plan to spend today pulling weeds.


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