HL Auction and Naylor Creek

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)September 30, 2012

I was over to the HL Auction checking out the scenery, and discovered that one of my favorite sources of hosta, Naylor, has their 2013 Hosta catalog up there. It explained that their website was being updated as well, which did not deter me. I simply put in the link below, and found that the same PDF catalog is clickable there too, until the site is finally updated.

I checked and saw an assortment of new additions to their hosta, although I'm not buying anything else this fall.

Welllll, I was saying this until I saw......


and then if you're into minis, look at the sport of Blue Cadet, BABY DOLL. A cutiewith gold/chartreuse middle and a darker blue/green margin. A real doll it seems.

Plus the BEACH BOY sport of Dream Weaver. Read about it in the catalog. If you are challenged by Great Expectations and not ready to throw in the towel yet, this medium sized hosta might be worth trying. It is new with them this year.

I was trying to scan through the catalog quickly and got bogged down in the B's.......too tempting to go any further.

Here is a link that might be useful: Naylorcreek.com 2013 PDF catalog

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You cannot 'enable' even me at this time of the year; nice try;-)


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MOI? HH, now would I do such a thing, when even I closed the door....or the pocketbook...for the year.

I SWEAR, the WadeGatton order in the mail as we speak, is the very last one. I'll never "touch another drop" at least THIS YEAR.

Besides, I lost a few to the fire ants aerating the roots, and to the southern blight...yeah, a second one became infected after a week of rain and warm weather with high humidity. It was my H yingeri.

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bernd ny zone5

moccasin, where did you buy that H.yingeri from? Thanks! Bernd

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Bernd, it came from Avalon Acres, or AAHosta listed in the Hosta Finder.

It is one I'll doubtless replace for next year. This one has some unique qualities.

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bernd ny zone5

Mr. Yinger wrote in a recent Hosta Journal about how he discovered this and another species years ago on a Korean island. It is attractive with its dark green shiny leaves with wavy borders. This is a hosta someone could grow under saltwater spray. Thanks! Bernd

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I just planted my 2 fall orders a couple of weeks ago, and this week planted 20 new babies.....plus there are all the seedlings from last winter that I want to plug in here and there......I think I'm done for the fall.

However, I will probably spend the winter months drooling over the Naylor Creek catalog. One never knows what I'll want for spring. That's 5 months and a whole new attitude away.


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Sandy, well said....when you make your new "wish" list, use a pencil with an eraser! :)

Bernd, I hope there will be another H. yingeri available next spring, because it is one I like to have around. Several unique features, including the flowers. Next year I'll be more vigilant about care in humid conditions after a lot of rain, which opened the door to southern blight. I only lost two, but they were two I really liked.

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Sandy, I received the printed Naylor Creek catalog yesterday I think. Saving it for later.

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Yay, Moccasin, now I know my catalog is on its way!


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